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What is more important in your professional environment? Max B. Wide is a mastering tool that offers a great experience to the user without the usual technical mumbo jumbo. Soundspectral will give your audience a better experience in the listening room, the on-air and in the studios!
What are the results?
Why you should buy Max B. Wide from Soundspectral?
1.Soundspectral has to offer an easy to use product. This is more important than anything else in the professional environment, for the user.
2.Great tone. Max B. Wide has a tonal result that is smooth and not harsh, but at the same time powerful and dynamic.
3.Wide and quality sound. Max B. Wide has the full potential to shape the bass frequencies while offering the control to compensate for the high frequencies.
4.Simple to use. Max B. Wide is a very easy to use mastering tool that provides an easy sound with only a few controls.
5.Deliver a “hot mix”. Max B. Wide provides the possibility to make the output level even higher, without getting into overdrive.
6.Adjustable levels. Max B. Wide offers a built-in limiter to prevent clipping, which makes the total output level easy to control.
7.Go to the max! Max B. Wide offers the possibility to widen the mix, allowing the sound to spread outside the stereo field.
8.Useful options. Max B. Wide also includes more options that can come in handy, to help you adjust the sound even more in certain situations.
9.More than just a mastering tool. Max B. Wide is a very useful tool for the user. This is the reason why Soundspectral is offering a limited amount of licenses for the first month. This is the time to try out and find out what Max B. Wide has to offer.


Max B. Wide Pro is a mastering plug-in to shape the bass frequencies of your recordings. It provides a wide sound without getting into overdrive.


Max B. Wide is a new sonic enhancing mastering VST plug-in. Max B.Wide uses a sophisticated filter network to give a similar experience to a psychoacoustic model, without using any kind of psychoacoustic algorithm. Soundspectral believes that in years to come a better technology may be available and you can be sure that you will be able to adjust those frequencies with 70238732e0

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KeyMacro is a keyboard recorder software that records every keystroke you type and save them into a folder, such as Memo, Notepad, File, etc.
What’s more, it allows you to add macro patterns, and you can save them to a folder of your choice. For example, you can save them as a text file, which you can later open and edit, in addition to that, you can convert them into PowerPoint slides, make them into an audio file, open them in Microsoft Word or save them into a PDF file.
The program offers a straightforward user interface that uses a simple layout, which makes it easy to understand how to use it.
KeyMacro offers several features, such as the ability to save macros in a folder, filter them and view them in the Windows directory or search in the menu bar, the option to add a label and capture hot keys, record macros, record all keystrokes, and save them.


MESSAGE Description:

MESSAGE is an audio recorder software that lets you record multiple sounds, such as from the microphone, a file, or the internet, and save them to a file, a folder, or directly in the browser.
You can easily edit the sound files after they are saved, adjust the pitch, gain, and much more.


FUTURE Description:

FUTURE is a keyboard recorder software that lets you save and save every keystroke you type and edit them later, in addition to that, it enables you to convert them into a PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, Word or other files.


KEEP NOTE Description:

KEEP NOTE is an audio recorder software that lets you save and record any sound directly in a browser.


FREE EDITOR Description:

FREE EDITOR is an audio recorder software that allows you to record, and edit any sound file to any file type, such as MP3, WAV, or other audio formats.


CLOUD SAFE Description:

CLOUD SAFE is a simple to use cloud recording software that lets you easily record, and capture any sound directly in the cloud.


KEEP NOTE Description:

KEEP NOTE is an audio recorder software that lets you save and record any sound directly in a browser.