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Keymacro is a simple tool that can work in 3 ways: 1. You can use it as a plugin in a DAW 2. You can record macros using its built-in recorder 3. You can edit existing keychain macros
You can download Keymacro for free.

Mediashift Description:
Mediashift is an easy to use step sequencer designed with beginners in mind.
Mediashift is primarily intended as an easy way to create simple sequences of notes on the fly, but can also be used to create more complex patterns as well.
It can be used to set up a chord, play notes from a map or record your own automation settings.
Key features:
• Sequencer:
– Two different variations of the arpeggiator
– Step sequencer
• Edit:
– Automation
– Scales
– Chords
– Maps
– Multi map
• Help:
– Full screen tutorial video
– Step recording on/off option
– Settings
– Help screen
• Settings:
– Music:
– Chords, arpeggiator, step sequencer, scale
– Mapping:
– Chords
– Automation
– Sound
– Interval
– Automation mapping
– Step recording
– Volume automation
– MIDI offset
– Window position
– Automation scaling
• The interface was designed to feel like an interface for a music box.
• The keys are placed where you would expect them to be.
• It looks like you have always been using a piano
• The primary difference is that you can play the notes and chords with the mouse.
• In addition to traditional transpose, scale and chord functions, it has unique chord editing tools.
• Chords are turned into patterns of notes, which can be edited directly and used as automation.
• Automation can be applied to the entire song or only to the current scale.
• Automation can be edited as you would edit a chord.
• You can edit the chord in many different ways: by dragging the notes or editing the root and degree of the chord.
• It lets you quickly apply a set of chords to your song with just a few keystrokes.
• To use the software, you just have to drag and drop a song from the list to the steps in the sequencer.
• Each of the steps can have any number of notes.
• By default, 70238732e0

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Rinzo XML Editor is one of the best free XML editors on the market. It supports a number of XML file types including XML, XSD, XML Schema, W3C Schemas, XHTML, RSS and CSV.
Version History:
v1.5.7.2 – 2014-09-18
– Corrected the line wrapping when using paragraphs
– Corrected line breaking when using Unicode characters
v1.5.7.1 – 2014-08-17
– Corrected the line wrapping when using paragraphs
– Corrected line breaking when using Unicode characters
– Corrected the file name when exiting in line mode
– Corrected empty lines at end of file
– Corrected missing spaces in URLs
– Corrected broken link in help
– Improved file saving when saving with name containing special characters
v1.5.7 – 2014-08-16
– Improved UX of file saving
– Improved file saving when saving with name containing special characters
v1.5.6 – 2014-08-14
– Fixed broken copy and paste
v1.5.5 – 2014-08-14
– Fixed broken copy and paste
– Fixed bug where process was not reading some questions in quiz
v1.5.4 – 2014-08-11
– Fixed bug where incorrect URL is stored in CSV export
v1.5.3 – 2014-08-09
– Fixed bug where saved questions did not display correctly in app
v1.5.2 – 2014-08-07
– Quizzes are now stored in SQLite database
v1.5.1 – 2014-08-07
– Fixed wrong number of questions when saving as a CSV file
– Fixed bug where quiz did not stop running when closing it
– Fixed bug when clicking on ‘save’ button while quiz is running
– Fixed bug when selecting participants from a treeview
– Fixed bug when saving files with special characters
– Fixed bug when inputing a question from a treeview item
– Fixed bug with questions not saving when using CSV format
– Fixed bug where answers were not hidden on delete button
– Fixed bug where answers were not shown when saving CSV file
– Fixed bug with saved question displayed wrong
– Fixed bug when