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Takes string of text and saves it in a macro file, so it can be recorded to jump to any location.
Needs to be run on files and folders in the specified directory.
Macro file is created at that location and named according to the value of the first parameter.
Macro file is created at the location and named according to the value of the first parameter.
Works with network drives!
No size limit on macro file, although it does save a very small amount of space
Macro files can be edited and deleted from the Permadelete’s interface.
Backup function, so you can revert to any previous state.
Shreds all files with just one click.
Image viewer, if you need to view the content of the file.
Delete file function, so you can delete the file from the Permadelete’s interface.
Shredding function, so you can shred files or folders to a specified location.
Undo function, so you can cancel the shredding process.
Treats empty directories just like files.
System Requirements:
.NET Framework 4.5 or later
What’s New:
Bug fix:
Permadelete Portable is one of the best portable file shredder apps that is included in our roundup. With just a simple and uncluttered interface, it does what it should do: shred files and folders in a quick and clean manner.
The app is also well-optimized for use with the least amount of system resources, allowing for the use of it on slower systems.
The Good
Truly portable, simple interface
Quick and clean shredding process
Treats empty directories just like files
What’s Bad
No task bar integration (takes a little while to launch)
No source code, so don’t get it unless you want to understand the inner workings of the app
What We Love
What’s New:
Bug fix:
Despite the above complaints, Permadelete Portable is a portable file shredder app that does what it should do.
What We Hate
We’d love to see Permadelete Portable include some of the features that we discuss below.
Technical Specs
Version: 1.0
File Size: 87
Uninstaller/Installer: Standard (.exe)

This is an open source application for file shredding, wiping, and other file-related activities. It was created by a french dev team, and has been well-received 70238732e0

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Automate Windows keyboard macros. Enable your Windows keyboard to execute keystrokes and perform actions. Automate more of your keyboard with one click.
Win32Automate is the fastest and most feature-packed utility in its class. It supports any type of keyboard macro, including Hotkeys, Mouse Keys, Mouse Button Events, Pop-up Menus, ToolTips, Dialog Boxes, and Others.
The tool records keystrokes and mouse movements, which you can playback later. You can save and load macros, restarting the recording session at any time. You can save and restore macros, and run macros directly from the registry. Win32Automate also stores the previous keystrokes and mouse positions in log files, allowing you to restore any session you need.
Win32Automate is an extension for the original Win32KeyRecorder. All you need to do is to run the original program, or start the registry extension, and you’re ready to record and play back macros!
NOTE: Win32Automate fully supports all types of keyboard macros, including Hotkeys, ToolTips, Dialog Boxes,
The program is free.
Win32Automate Note:
You can freely copy, distribute, and modify all or part of this script (source code), but you must include the original copyright notice and the original source code. Win32Automate requires the original author’s name and email address, and a valid distributor’s license.
Learn More
There are a lot more features and instructions in the source code that are not mentioned in the user guide.
The source code contains the full list of features and instructions, and the manual is only a small summary of the application.
There are also a lot of other keyboards and keyboard drivers.
The latest driver updates are available here:

Keyboards and mouse drivers – Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003
Linux and MacOS X drivers are not supported yet.
In case you want to support the author, it would be greatly appreciated if you don’t try to sell him the source code. That’s the only way to support him.
All English characters are converted to Arial Unicode MS, and all Turkish, Persian, Urdu and Arabic characters are converted to their standard Windows TrueType fonts.
MiniToolbar: A MiniToolbar widget contains the