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KEYMACRO is a software that lets you easily make windows and buttons, in your own personal design, that will never get lost again. So, when you are using your computer, and need to quickly access your Applications, you can just press one button and access them right away.
KEYMACRO also lets you create and store your own shortcut (buttons), and it can be named anything you want! When you are ready to do something else with your computer, just press one button and you will be on the way!
You can set up many layouts to show your chosen Applications, but, you can also select and change them at any time.
It’s available in 32 and 64 bit versions for Windows and Linux systems.
KEYMACRO Design Wizard:
Before you buy, the Design Wizard allows you to play with hundreds of layouts, before you buy!
1-You can play with a number of “apps” such as:- Search for applications- Switch to any application by clicking a button – Switch apps by clicking on the “Arrow Up” or “Arrow Down” buttons- Toggle between Applications- Move Applications up or down- Delete Applications- Organize your apps into categories
2- You can play with layouts:- Set the size of each app- Rotate the apps- Set position and size of the buttons- Change the layout of the buttons- Change the color of the icons- Change the position of the icons- Change the color of the apps- Change the color of the back ground- Hide/Show applications- Reorder apps- Resize apps- Add icons- Delete icons
3- Use “Pricing Calculator” to calculate cost of your new design.
4- Before you buy, you can choose the number of layouts you want.
You can customize your custom KEYMACRO app by clicking on the “Edit” button. You can then choose an icon from your desktop.
It’s a floating windows application, to make your desktop more personal.

7-After you make changes, you can click “Preview” to see what you have done.
You can customize your custom KEYMACRO app by clicking on the “Design” button. You can then choose an icon from your desktop.
It’s a floating windows application, to make your desktop more personal.
KEYMACRO Builder Features:- Change the size of your layouts- Change the position of the buttons- Change the name of your 70238732e0

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1. Help text editor with support for syntax highlighting.
2. Fast and simple renaming of files and folders with regular expression.
3. Quickly add large numbers of files or folders.
4. Retype files, folders, text and some other data.
5. Calculate and set file size.
6. Archive files or folders.
7. Recursive listing.
8. Renaming of files and folders with various regular expressions.
9. File encoder and decoder.
10. Help with files downloading from the Internet.
11. Paste text from clipboard to the file.
12. Delete several items at once.
13. Search in files and folders.
14. Compression.
15. Tasks manager.
16. Export to Excel.
17. Export to LaTeX.
18. Encryption and decryption.
19. Zip and unzip files.
20. Work with compressed archives.
21. Integration with Microsoft Office application.
22. Automatically update.
23. Clean.
24. Import and export.
25. Export to CSV (comma-separated values).
26. Full-screen.
27. Create and use groups of shortcuts.
28. Support for Unicode.
29. Shutdown and reboot computer.
30. Create and delete empty directories.
31. Create and delete subfolders.
32. Create and delete files.
33. Create and delete empty files.
34. Set file attributes.
35. Add text or text columns to file.
36. Multipart Text.
37. Split files into segments.
38. Select file parts.
39. Find the next matching part in file.
40. Filename case change.
41. Split string into words.
42. Add spaces to string.
43. Split a string to multiple parts.
44. Split a string by character.
45. Append a string to a text.
46. Split a string into fields.
47. Find and replace.
48. Replace whole word.
49. Find and replace words in files and folders.
50. Search files for substring.
51. Replace in files and folders.
52. Search files for lines that contain text.
53. Open and change files from the clipboard.
54. Open and change files from the command line.
55. Select all or part of text in