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Phaze Browser is a small and simple browser that will enable you to visit your favorite websites on the internet.
What Phaze Browser does:
Start your browser, turn off new windows and maximize the windows.
Phaze Browser is minimalistic, fast and compatible with all major web browsers.
Phaze Browser will automatically convert all major browsers to it’s own.
It’s possible to switch between supported and unsupported browsers through ‘Profile’ tab.
– Improve your surfing experience by closing open windows automatically, removing history and add-ons
– Open new windows without any delay
– Open recently closed browser windows
– Support all popular browsers: Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.
– Quickly switch from supported to unsupported browser
– Support for bookmarks, history, ad-blockers, cookies, extensions, mouse gestures and themes.
– Automatic conversion of most popular browsers
– Fully compatible with Windows 8
How to use:
– Open URL in browser you want to test (e.g.
– Select ‘PHAZE Browser’ icon to start
– Phaze Browser will automatically open the selected site, turn off new windows and maximize the existing ones
– No need to register or log in
– To close Phaze Browser, double-click the icon.
– To minimize Phaze Browser, double-click the icon again
– To restore the window, click the icon again
– To change settings, click ‘Settings’ icon on the top right corner

CreateCustomize web pages

by Zaffynium and Reversible on GitHub


by Kemuel on GitHub

Get up to date with my development

by on GitHub

Customize web pages on Windows 8.1

by Cadelon on GitHub

This extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera is in the following process of installation.
If you want to switch between unsupported browsers you must switch it on from the profile page:
When you try to switch to unsupported browser it will be blocked. In this case you need to click on the profile page and switch from supported to unsupported.
Don’t hesitate to ask any question on

by Martin Johansson on GitHub

React to customisation changes (i.e. Open Twitter in Chrome, switch 70238732e0

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Keda – Data Backup Utility Suite is a robust data backup software application. It contains essential data backup and recovery utilities that can be used to create backup copies of your digital documents, photographs, audio, video, music and more.
QuickStart help file:
Use this utility to backup any digital data on your computer. You can also backup the contents of a CD, DVD, or any removable media. This software offers a full set of features and options that are tailored to take full advantage of your needs.
Create backup copies of your digital documents, digital photos, digital music, digital videos, digital audio and any other digital data.
Create, back up, restore, view, edit and delete backups.
Backup from multiple locations.
Create backup copies on multiple drives.
Backup to many different media types including floppy disks, hard drives, and portable devices like USB flash drives and memory sticks.
Backup at different levels, including individual files, folders, documents, or entire directories.
Restore backups to any drives including hard drives, removable drives or memory devices.
Option to select different file formats.
Option to back up to another computer via email.
Option to split backups into different folders.
Option to encrypt backups.
Option to archive backups to a password-protected folder.
Option to backup CDs and DVDs.
Option to create a custom list of backup drives.
Option to exclude certain files or folders from the backup.
Option to create daily, weekly or monthly backups.
Option to create only full backups or only incremental backups.
Option to schedule backups.
Option to open backup files with an external application.
Option to open backup files with the default Windows application.
Option to view a list of backups or a backup history.
Option to view a list of backups or a backup history.
Option to send backup files by email.
Option to automatically burn backup files to a CD or DVD.
Option to automatically burn backup files to a DVD.
Option to compare two backups to find differences.
Option to copy files from one backup to another.
Option to perform virus scans on backups.
Option to perform a full backup.
Option to perform an incremental backup.
Option to backup to FTP servers.
Option to customize the backup settings.
Option to view a list of backups or a backup history.
Option to restore backups to different drives.
Option to restore backups to a backup drive that was created on a different computer