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7-Zip 15.0

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Compression Software


7-Zip is a file archiver with high compression ratio. It offers a huge variety of archives,.rar,.tar,.ace,.swf,.ace,.tar,.ace,.7z,.ace,.ace,.tar,.ace,.tar,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace,.ace, 70238732e0

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★ Able to paste content to clipboard, edit, delete, copy, cut, copy path and much more.★ Support clipboard multiple items at a time.★ Support line and page view of pasted content.★ Support single line or page edit of selected text or it’s path.★ Automatic indent or not in single line edit.★ Highlight word or line by mouse or clicking.★ Line wise enable/disable word auto-indent.★ Document Information: ★ Support character, cursor, right, left, top, bottom, start, end and format in line view.★ Combine character, cursor, right, left, top, bottom, start, end and format in document view.★ Support Arabic, Hebraic, CJK, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.★ With spell checker.★ With symbol suggestion.★ With auto-indent.★ With diacritics.★ With signature, equation, line, tag and bookmark.★…

Open Source Video Creation and Processing SoftwareOpen Source Video Creation and Processing Software – OSP Video Studio is an application for creating, editing and processing video and audio files. It is a free tool for any Linux operating system. The software is written in C++ and it uses GTK+ 2.x as a windowing system.

Subtitle Extractor v.1.10.3Subtitle Extractor is the easy-to-use program to easily and quickly extract subtitles from video and audio files. The easy to use interface is intuitive and will allow the user to begin extracting subtitles within minutes.

Forums Pro v. For WindowsForgeForums Pro is a text editor designed to be simple, efficient and intuitive. It allows you to create websites and forums with a single, easy-to-use interface. It works in 3 modes: a visual editor, a coding view and a command-line editor. You can easily insert pictures, videos and other files. It works with a standard editor syntax. It is a very powerful tool that can be used for both beginners and experts. It’s not just about writing code. This is a full-featured program that allows you to create awesome websites.

ForumPro Password Manager v.4.0.4 ForumPro Password Manager is an add-on for Internet Explorer designed to help you manage your passwords. It remembers your web and email passwords for you, and then fills in your username and password fields automatically