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KeyMacro is a tool for working with data files (applications, documents, etc.). Any complex operation on data files can be performed using KeyMacro, with the result being easily searchable.
KeyMacro enables you to work with the following data types:
• Excel, Microsoft Project, MS Works, Corel WordPerfect, Word,
• PPT, Powerpoint, MySQL, SQLite, ODBC, PCL, SQL Server, ODBC SQL,
• UltraEdit, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, Python,
• Vala, C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, C, C#, etc.
KeyMacro allows you to:
• Enter and leave macros.
• Create macros, modify and duplicate them.
• Search for a macro.
• Define a macro sequence.
• Set the macro options.
• Register to receive macro events.
• Delete macros.
• View the Macro definition panel.
• Stop a Macro.
KeyMacro can work directly with external application and it can work with the data file embedded in the application.
The macros that are defined in the registry will be made available to all KeyMacro users on the system.
There are four separate versions available to different users depending on their needs:
• Free: trial and no support.
• Professional: registration and support.
• Enterprise: registration, support, and unlimited users.
• Ultimate: registration, support, and unlimited users and the ability to make changes to the Master Macro file.
KeyMacro is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
KeyMacro uses the most up-to-date technology to run on almost all operating systems.
Simply put, KeyMacro is a powerful and sophisticated utility that lets you work with data files using macros.
KeyMacro is simple to use, and when combined with other third-party tools, it can provide you with a comprehensive set of features.
KEYMACRO Download Links:

KeyMacro documentation

KeyMacro Frequently Asked 70238732e0

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The KEYMACRO is a new keyboard macro recorder. With the exception of browser shortcuts, it is the first Windows keyboard macro recorder that can record in context. KeyMacro allows you to record keyboard shortcuts or entire sequences of keyboard events into a macro file.
How does it work?
A Windows application that you have already installed on your PC is required to use KeyMacro. Simply press the desired shortcut key or sequence of events and KeyMacro will record them. You can then store the macros in any location on your computer and have them trigger at any time you want. The only limitation to KeyMacro is that it can only store up to 512 macros per file.
Best of all, KeyMacro will not cost you a dime. The only thing you need to do is find the free download and install it.
• Supports all keyboard shortcuts
• Supports all available keys
• Supports hotkeys
• Supports all mouse buttons
• Supports mouse wheel
• Supports all control keys
• Supports all symbols
• Supports multiple macros and files
• Supports files that are stored on your desktop
• Supports Windows 7 and 8
• Supports Windows 10
• Supports Windows Phone 8 and 10
• Supports Windows Mobile 7 and 8
• Supports Android (Version 3.0 or greater)
• Supports iOS (Version 7.1 or greater)
• Supports web browsers
Keymacro notes:
KeyMacro is primarily a keyboard shortcut recorder. A keyboard shortcut is a combination of one or more keys pressed and released together. Keymacro will record the sequence of events. It is not a keyboard emulator. It will not change your keyboard layout or your current input source. It is best used when using a key sequence or a hotkey in your favorite application.
KeyMacro is the first Windows keyboard macro recorder to record keyboard shortcuts in context. You can record hotkeys and mouse buttons in context as well as a hotkey sequence. Contextual recording is a fairly new feature of Windows and will be limited to Windows 7 and later.
KeyMacro will work with any keyboard. If you are using a non-English keyboard layout, Keymacro will detect the keyboard layout and automatically convert your keystrokes.
The Keymacro will not allow a keyboard sequence to be recorded that is longer than 2 seconds.
Keymacro is a freeware application. It does not have any advertisements or shareware. This means you can install the application and use it without paying