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Marks is a free app that can be used to monitor the progress of students. It allows teachers to track the academic progress of their students, in a simple yet powerful way. It shows all the students that are enrolled in a specific course, as well as a graph for each of them. Students can add to the list and their data and this is shown in real time on the graph.

Marks is a free, easy to use and handy academic management app for teachers. Teachers can easily track the progress of their students in a specific course, and with the use of a few simple clicks, they can add as many students as they need to the list. It also allows them to export all the information to a CSV file and send it to a teacher’s email address.
This APP has got integrated with Google drive and if the teacher wants to, he can view his students, as well as their marks in the cloud. Google drive saves the teachers time, as it allows them to save their students marks as attachments and even send them as emails.
Marks also offers in-app reports. In reports, the teacher can monitor the progress of each student in a specific course. They can view how many lessons a student has, how many assignments they have submitted, their average score and more.
Marks can be downloaded from the Google play store for free.
Official Website:
Google Play Store:

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KEYMACRO is a desktop utility for Windows 10 users that allows them to generate and edit an unlimited number of macros, just by simply entering a few keystrokes.Thoughts On China’s Coming “Social Credit System”

A word of caution about reading China’s much-publicized plan to roll out a “social credit system,” which it says will allow it to track and punish citizens deemed as having “unreliable” behavior, or risk fines or worse.

The system will be introduced “over the course of the next several years,” and will “absolutely” take into account a citizen’s personal behavior, according to a press release from the China Ministry of Public Security.

This will be the first time China has used a system to tie into a citizen’s credit rating. It is modeled on credit-rating systems already in place in the United States and parts of Europe, including Britain and France, according to the AP.

It’s being called a way to “protect people’s social and public interest,” and the goal of the system is to help prevent “crime and antisocial behavior.”

But it could also be used to punish citizens.

The most widely cited example of this is that of Ai Weiwei, a dissident artist, who was recently sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion. Ai Weiwei had been arrested previously, which may have led to the system deciding to treat him differently.

Here’s what else is going on right now in China.

What it’s all about:

The Chinese government has long sought to gather as much information on its citizens as possible, but an article in The Wall Street Journal on the topic said that the system “could be Orwellian in scope, expanding further than any Western-style digital database.”

The system will collect a lot of data on a wide variety of citizens, including those of any age, from anywhere in China, and will offer rewards to people who provide information on others who are considered a risk to society.

It could also be used to fine or even jail citizens for not following certain laws, or not paying taxes.

“If you don’t pay taxes, you’ll be arrested, it is absolutely a moral law,” Wang Kai, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security, told the AP. “If you commit crimes, we will send the police to arrest you.”

“The system gives individuals access to a social credit score based on specific behaviors or activities