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Mill Mouse is a neat application that, combined with the right device, allows you to control the mouse pointer with your eyes. The software requires the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C  as it was purposely designed to run with that device, so don’t try to use it as a standalone, nothing will happen if attempted.
The interface is built as a slim selection panel that, by default, will be positioned on the upper part of the screen, but it can easily be moved or resized. Also, the UI can be retracted in order to display the basic functions, or expanded, to give access to multiple sub-actions like a copy, paste, undo, save, Esc key and more.
As for the main features, the tool should provide control operations executed by eye contact only. Moving the pointer where you are currently looking, clicking by gazing or closing the eyes, scrolling operation and keyboard interactions, all of these being supported by both the app and the tracker device.
Regarding the settings, the app provides a rich menu and multiple tweaks related to pointer speed, keyboard layout, general shortcuts, sound, etc.
All in all, Mill Mouse is a smart app that brings the eye-tracker technology closer to the average users. Also, to make sure there are no functionality issues use Tobii Eye Tracker 4C for the device.

MacStories was founded in June 2009 and has since become the most trusted and popular website for all things Apple. Our team of editors, writers, reporters, and editors strive to provide you with the up-to-date Apple news and entertainment you crave. Find the latest Apple rumors and product news here! “five-pointed star.”

“The names of the points are: Possession of the highest attributes of Heaven, Wisdom, Splendor, Majesty and Benevolence; and, obedience to the law of God, strength in virtue, capability of transfiguring oneself, use of the magnetic staff, and protection by heavenly stars,” he continued.

“The red line is the ‘pole of the north,” and the other lines are the “poles of the other points.”

“The five-pointed star symbolizes the Virgin Mary,” he said.

“The word ‘five-pointed star’ is a translation of Mary’s name, Mariam, in Hebrew,” he added.

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Play or pause music, skip to the next or previous track, mute or unmute audio, like and dislike songs, turn on global shortcuts and more.
Keymacro is a keyboard shortcut management extension for Chrome. Play/Pause music – The extension plays/pauses music in all tabs.
Skip to next track – The extension skips to the next track.
Skip to previous track – The extension skips to the previous track.
Global Hotkeys – The extension enables global shortcuts by default.
Mute Audio – The extension mutes audio by default.
Unmute Audio – The extension un-mutes audio by default.
Like and dislike song – The extension allows users to like or dislike a song.
Show playlist – The extension lets users see the song list in their favorite tab.
Custom music players – The extension supports almost all the music players on the market.
Simultaneous playback – The extension supports simultaneous playback when using multiple browsers or using different windows.
Flashlight – The extension adds a flashlight to the Chrome toolbar, which lights up when music is playing.
Customizable – The extension allows users to configure global shortcuts, change buttons’ texts, add new buttons and much more.
Automatic updates – The extension will update in Chrome automatically.
FAQ for Keymacro
What’s New
How to Use

Hey, I’m Tom H. And in this video, I will be showing you How to Write HTML/CSS for Video Player (5 Steps).
So, If you’re trying to make a Video Player or a Video Page, don’t get confused in what HTML or CSS to use. If you want to use a Video Player or a Video Page you’ll use HTML.
I have a live page here which is fully working in HTML only!
I will also tell you the steps which I have taken while making this page.
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Hey, In this video I am showing you How to Add Web Player to Your Page (5 Step by Step).
So if you’re trying to make a Video Page or a Video Player and you need to make a Web Player for that or you need to add a Web Player in your Video Player then don’t get confused in what HTML or CSS to use.]teacher