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KeyMacro! is a set of macros for your Windows clipboard to copy and paste information from one application to another! Perfect for getting information from Outlook to your browser!
KeyMacro! works with any other software that supports the clipboard, including word processors and web browsers!
KeyMacro! has three key features:
* Copy from one application and paste to another!
* Copy to your clipboard and paste anywhere!
* Copy to the clipboard and paste to Outlook!
How it works:
* You need KeyMacro! to tell other programs what you want to copy/paste from and to. When you want to copy a field in your MS Outlook and paste it to a web browser you would like to paste it.
* To do this, you must use KeyMacro! to tell MS Outlook to copy the current field (e.g. the name) to the clipboard. The next time you paste in your browser, KeyMacro! will “take care” of copying that field from the clipboard and pasting it in the correct field (in your browser)
* Anywhere you can copy and paste, KeyMacro! will copy and paste fields! For example, if you paste the field you just copied to your clipboard, into a MS Word document, KeyMacro! will copy the field from your Outlook, and paste it in your word processor
* You can use KeyMacro! to “clone” fields from one application to another, even when the destination is not even an application (e.g. paste the copied field in a MS Word document, into a blank MS Word document).
What else KeyMacro! does:
* KeyMacro! works with any other program that supports the clipboard, including word processors and web browsers! The program will use the features of that particular application
* You can copy and paste a field in a specific application (e.g. MS Word)
* It uses the system clipboard, thus it works with any PC or any Linux/Unix system (used in many UNIX and Linux distributions and there is a version for Mac OSX)
* You can copy from one application and paste to many different applications (see KeyMacro! Clip Board Sharing and ABOVE)
* You can “clone” fields from one application to another (see below)
* You can copy and paste the name of the field to your cell phone/PDA (see below)
* You can copy and paste data 4f8c9c8613

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5 days agoHelpful
In order to make the setup procedure less complicated, this handy utility has the following features:
• Let you set the default shortcut keys, and configure other features;
• Support popular registry keys;
• Set the required bits and/or the run time limit, as well as disable Autostart.
• Change the entry name, set the package files, and choose the default path for the installation;
• Prevent the installation process from running automatically;
• Specify the required reboot after the setup is finished;
• Enable you to add your own text;
• Set the required password for the package;
• Choose the current user account as the default account to use;
• Support several file extensions;
• Launch help service;
• Import the help files;
• Show a splash screen;
• Execute commands at the end of the installation.
P.S.: this is not a licensed program.
In conclusion, it can be installed and updated for free by using the standard Windows-compatible installer, and it should be used as a free replacement for the Windows built-in setup creation tool, in case it was disabled for your system.

Full version of the program with all features.

Temporal Designer is a tool that allows you to create and generate settings files for the most used devices and applications. The programming of Temporal Designer is made with the use of the.NET Framework, so the only prerequisite for using the program is to have the Microsoft.NET Framework installed on your PC.
The app comes with a good set of features that help you organize the created settings, preview them, customize the initial settings or save them to the user-defined files. The application is easy to use and provides you with the ability to create different types of settings, such as system-wide, for each user, and session settings.
In addition, Temporal Designer has the possibility to generate settings based on a prepared list of devices or their specifications. For example, you can create a list of smartphones and laptops for your company, and the application will create a profile that allows you to create a custom configuration for each model.
Full version of the program with all features.
Bottom line
All in all, Temporal Designer has a decent set of features that help you manage the settings for your devices.
KEYMACRO Description:
1 week agoHelpful
The Temporal Designer is a versatile tool that allows you to create and manage