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Monte Carlo eXtreme (MCX) is a Monte Carlo simulation tool for time-resolved photon transport in 3D turbid media.
It is based on the GPU technology, which offers a huge acceleration to the traditional single-threaded CPU-based simulation.
MCX is written in the C++ programming language using the CUDA API in the latest release. MCX is a full-featured package which allows users to simulate many kinds of clinical situations.
Unlike other MC simulators that require a CDL license, MCX does not require a CDL license.
MCX is included in the standard package with most OSes (Win7, Linux, Mac).
Another advantage of MCX is that all other 3D MC software packages, including tMCimg, do not require any additional software license.
Features of MCX:
1. SOP: Full support for the SOP (Standard Operating Protocol) format of tMCimg. (Version 3.5 or later is required for using tMCimg within MCX.)
2. Full support for the tMCimg library (major and minor version).
3. From 3D grid to VRD: With a 2D grid, MCX is capable of producing a voxel-based grid. With a 3D grid, it is capable of producing a voxel-based grid and can also produce a voxel-based ray-based grid. The ray-based grid is useful to simulate scattered light. For ray-based grids, MCX can convert and export the model from VRD to VTK.
4. Integration of VA-CLR: With tMCimg, users can directly load VA-CLR input files. The VA-CLR input files can be generated by many other tools. In MCX, users can directly import the VA-CLR files from other MC simulators.
5. New tMCimg binarization algorithm and support for VOXEL_DELETE: MCX adds support for the tMCimg binarization algorithm. Users can use the tMCimg binarization algorithm directly within MCX. tMCimg can be deactivated in the tMCimg_config.txt file to switch MCX from using the binarization algorithm to using the default.
6. Modification of tMCimg main loop and support for Wavie convolution kernel: MCX adds support for a new tMCimg main loop and eea19f52d2


Use this tool to create a new Canvas element or modify the existing canvas by adding and deleting stuff on the canvas element.

Create, edit, animate and export CSS properties for Canvas

A simple and intuitive user interface to make and export any HTML5 animation/sprite.

Create, edit and animate HTML5 canvas properties, including Canvas Style Sheet Export.

Export the HTML5 Canvas Animation to the Canvas Element.

Export the Canvas Style Sheet and Canvas Properties to the CSS Properties.

Create, edit and export HTML5 Canvas properties, including Canvas Style Sheet Export.

An easy-to-use, visual interface that lets you create, edit, and animate HTML5 Canvas Properties.

Create, edit and animate HTML5 Canvas Properties, including CSS Export.

Create, edit and animate Canvas properties with image background, border and text.

CSS export features:

Export the HTML5 Canvas Animation and CSS Properties to an external file, such as JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP.

CSS export features:

Use HTML5 Canvas Style Sheet Export to create a CSS style sheet for your HTML5 Canvas Animation.


Canvas Animator Studio is a tool to create or edit your Canvas based animations.

Canvas is a drawable region in HTML5 code that defines an area on your web page with a width and an height of the drawable area.

By using javascript code, you may access the area through a full set of drawing functions similar to other 2D APIs, then allowing for dynamic graphics content.

The more attractive feature of the new canvas element is that you can animate your drawing by way of, for instance, drawing a shape or image, then 1/100th of a second later, the same shape or image is drawing on another position and so on, giving the impression or effect of animation.

Manually drawing animations on the canvas element can be an extremely tedious task for a programmer.

But now, you don’t need any programming knowledge or skills in order to create an animation on the new HTML5 canvas element on your web page!

Canvas Animator Studio will allow you to create an animation in a similar way in that you use a video editor software (for instance, Windows Movie Maker), but in this case, you will create a Canvas Animation, that is to say