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I have lost over 7,000 files. I have been able to recover many of them. But when I run a tool like dirft and exftpd.exe, it says no file or directory. I have tried to repair all 7,000 files using recuva. Then I ran another tool which is exftpd.exe. It says no file or directory. Is there a different tool that I can use to recover the 7,000 files?

FomSoft Disk Doctor is a multifunctional utility that helps you recover inaccessible, erased, lost or damaged files and folders on a hard drive. The program also checks and repairs damaged file system.

FomSoft Disk Doctor allows you to discover and analyze the data on your disk in detail: you can not only view, but also recover files of all types, including Microsoft Office documents, images, archives and emails, as well as restore completely damaged or deleted files and folders. The program uses a number of disk scanning methods, including offline and offline image based scanning. It can also repair damaged FAT and NTFS file systems.

New: Import from other applications is now a snap

New: Faster disk analysis

New: Repair MFT, boot sector and FAT tables

New: Unmounted disks can be analyzed

New: Improved scanning result reporting

New: File browser with new support for Unicode

New: Fixed scanning issues

New: Save user-defined list of targeted files

New: Improved scanning

New: Recover from any directory and file

New: Examine data on a disk with a tree

New: Delete and copy a file on a disk

New: Recover file content from an inaccessible file

New: Preview files on a disk

New: Scan network drives

New: Scan any type of physical and logical disks

New: View technical information about the scanned disk

New: View files on a disk in a tree

New: Ability to view only the files from a directory

New: Viewable tree for a normal or disabled partition

New: View and save a file content as HEX or text

New: Save file content as HEX

New: Scan for files with a format filter

New: Detect missing file extensions

New: Preview file content

New: Scan files and folders only on a disk

New: Scan files only from the list of targeted files eea19f52d2


A simple theme for Rainmeter.
This theme was designed for those who use a Windows 10 Theme with the Calendar and Tooltip Tray.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download and unzip file into a Rainmeter folder.

2. Place the rainmeter.lua and the gui.lua files into the rainmeter folder.

3. Place the icons (16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 128×128) into the rainmeter folder.

4. Place the images (corner.png, right.png, bottom.png, left.png, top.png) into the rainmeter folder.

5. Unzip the digital clock.zip into the rainmeter folder.

6. Create a new folder named /xdm/weather in the rainmeter folder.

7. Install XBoxInput.dll into the rainmeter folder.

9. Run the Rainmeter config file.

10. Install the Rainmeter config file in the config folder.

10. Unzip the resource.zip into the rainmeter folder.

11. Change the resource.res file so the numbers are correct.

This will keep a persistent countdown.

The counters are persistent and can be changed.

If you need the lower and the upper numbers in the resource.res file:

/counter-a=100 /counter-b=150

The packages are divided as follows:

Clean Tabs with Clock

Clean Tabs with Calendar and Tooltip Tray

Set name: Clean Tabs with Calendar and Tooltip Tray

Based on:

– cleanhc.com theme

– Rainmeter folder:


– Rainmeter Config File:


– Rainmeter Package:


– Rainmeter Folder:


– Rainmeter Lua Script:


– Font:


– Images:


– icons:

corner.png, left.png, right.png, bottom.png, top.png

The packages are divided as follows:

Clean Tabs with Clock

Clean Tabs with Calendar and