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If you have several big folders that you want to compress to RAR archives, Batch Compressor is the way to go

Batch Compressor reveals information about the progress of each task and status, and keeps a log with details about all your actions and possible errors

The program also allows you to view a log of previous compression and delete compression folders

The most important thing, you are getting a trial version of the software absolutely free!
Key features
Main features

Compression folder – Drag-and-drop is supported when adding folders.

Compression files – Batch Compressor supports the compression of individual files.

Compression algorithm – The utility uses the WinRAR compression algorithm.

Batch Compressor is a standalone application, there is no need to install the whole WinRAR software to use the application.

The application allows you to pause or cancel the compression process, clear the working environment with a single click, and pick the compression algorithm (e.g. fast, normal, good, best).

Batch Compressor reveals information about the progress of each task and status, and keeps a log with details about all your actions and possible errors.

Batch Compressor automatically saves the RAR archive to the same folder where the original items are stored.

Batch Compressor automatically deletes the source items and creates a new folder for storing the compressed files.

It also offers the possibility to clear the log of previous actions and delete compression folders.
Supported formats
The application supports the following formats:

You can create RAR archives with the following compression options:

SFX (default)





The compression formats are supported in the context of a folder. The compressed archive can be saved to a different folder and it will be attached to it.

Compression speed is not an issue for Batch Compressor. It is designed for those who want to create a lot of archives in the shortest time possible.

Batch Compressor allows you to set the compression level in a variety of ways (best, good, normal, fast, normal, fast).

In general, the utility makes use of the following WinRAR compression parameters:

Maximum eea19f52d2


ZipScan is a utility that allows you to search ZIP, JAR, CAB, RAR, ACE, ZOO, ARJ and OpenOffice files, including those which are password-protected or nested (i.e. compressed items inside other archived files) as well as self-extracting archives.
Not too complicated to handle
The program comes in a straightforward interface with intuitive wizard steps provided, that make it easy to configure by any users, even those less familiarized with this type of software.
All you have to do is specify the name of the items that you wish to be searched, choose the scan location, and then proceed with the task. You can save and load these parameters to be able to re-run searches with ease. It lets you pause and resume the task at any time.
Experienced users can make use of the advanced features of the application by applying search filters with the text string, date, size and version resource table.
Main functionality
Once the items are detected and listed, you can save the list as a text, comma-separated (CSV) or HTML file. It supports drag-and-drop and copy-paste extraction of your files.
In the main window you can analyze details such as the file’s name, type, size, date modified, attributes, path and if it’s password protected.
ZipScan lets you analyze errors during the file search (if any), view a summary at the end of each task, and enable OpenOffice text searching support. You can also choose the display measurement unit of the file’s size: in bytes and KB, or MB for larger files.
The application had an overall good scanning speed during our tests.
Last few words
To sum it up, ZipScan proves to be a reliable and useful software tool that lets you search for a wide range of archives, password-protected and nested files, analyze their details, and more.Department of Culture, Heritage, and Local Government

The Department of Culture, Heritage and Local Government was a department of the Government of the Australian Capital Territory in Australia. It was announced on 24 December 2009 as part of the 2009 Australian Labor Party of Australia leadership spill with the creation of a new ministry of Territory Administration. The new administration was sworn in on 1 July 2010.

The new department ceased to exist when the ACT Legislative Assembly passed the Local Government Act 2009 on 25 March 2010. The former Minister for Local Government, David Stone, became the Minister for