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Clean Slate is a powerful piece of software that makes it possible to revert a system to its initial state after it is rebooted or a user logs off. In other words, you can use the computer, perform all the changes you want, download and move files around, but when you restart it, everything is back the way it was when you first opened the computer.
Download Clean Slate.rarTracking The Sources Of Carbon Emissions

Despite the media barrage of doom and gloom about climate change, greenhouse gas emissions actually fell over the last few years. Global emissions of CO2 from fossil fuels and industry fell by about 6.3 percent from 2009 to 2010, while total global emissions were flat.

That is the latest data available from the UN’s International Energy Agency, as the IEA is preparing its 2011 International Energy Outlook. The IEA’s forecast for total global greenhouse gas emissions is a nearly 17 percent rise in 2011 and 17 percent growth in 2012 to 13.8 billion tons of CO2.

But, as the IEA has noted, to meet the Paris climate change agreement goals, emissions will need to fall by about 10 percent each year between 2020 and 2050.

The IEA analysis noted that, in the past year, coal exports from China rose by 22 percent. It also noted that, even though China’s greenhouse gas emissions have been decreasing, its reliance on coal will continue to increase, with a 1.4 billion ton increase in coal imports by 2025.

Even as the International Energy Agency continues to hail this 6.3 percent decline in global emissions, it is worth remembering that the IEA’s own data show that global greenhouse gas emissions are going up.Q:

Continuity in the Mean Value Theorem

I have been reading quite a lot about the Mean Value Theorem and it strikes me as odd that it should be continuous. Since the theorem says that if $f(a)=f(b)$ then $f(x)=f(a)+f'(\xi)(x-a)$ where $\xi$ lies between $a$ and $b$ then shouldn’t $f(x)$ have to be continuous everywhere or am I missing something here?


The problem is in your definition of continuity:

A function $f(x)$ is continuous at $x=a$ if and only if for every $\epsilon>0$ there exists eea19f52d2


MIDIClockDetect is a simple utility designed to detect MIDI devices on your computer. It shows the BPM rate of the real time MIDI clock signal, such as MIDIs sequence start and stop, and allows you to see the BPM rate in beats per minute. It also can detect the MMC based MIDI controllers, e.g. on SB-Live and SB-Pro. To use the BPM functionality, it must be installed on a Windows machine with installed Windows Update for the “System Update Readiness Service”, and MIDI devices connected to the PC must have the MIDI C1 support.
MIDIClockDetect features:
Detect MIDI devices and show their BPM rate
Detecting MMC based MIDI controllers
Beats per minute based MIDI clock
Properties Dialog:
Right-click on the MIDIClockDetect icon on your desktop and select “Properties” to bring up the properties dialog.
Download the MIDIClockDetect_1.0_setup.exe file to install or tar.bz2 the MIDIClockDetect.exe and docs.tar.bz2 to extract it.
Short Description:
You have a MIDI device connected to your computer. Use this tool to find the real time MIDI clock signal and compare it with a MIDI sequence.
Legal Notice:
This project is released under the GNU General Public License and uses code from the USBmidi library, which is released under the same license.

UDPProvider provides TCP/IP information and media transfer to and from Windows systems.
It detects and shows all network devices in your network environment.
UDPProvider is a framework that allows you to build your own software based on the UDP library and the internal files and registry settings.
Required Runtime:
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Windows 7
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5
Installation Instructions:
To install:
Download and install the UDPProvider package from
Extract and install the UDPProvider package
Restart your computer
Create a “Network Interfaces” folder.
Move the files to the new folder
Start UDPProvider
You can now use the Network utility to manage the network interfaces of your computer
(Optional) To use the database, double-click on “UDPProvider.reg”.