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This program creates the server and uses it to control the mobile devices in the Wi-Fi environment. At the moment only the Android and Blackberry phones are supported.

The program uses the application named “WiFiRemoteApp” to establish the communication with the mobile device.
The main purpose of the program is to ease the control of the mobile device in a Wi-Fi environment. The server acts as a gateway between the phone and the PC.
When the program is installed on the PC it initiates a connection with the mobile device. In order to do that it needs to get the IP address of the mobile device and to use it for the connection to the PC.
The server can also act as an access point. When this is activated the server will use its IP address in the same way as the mobile phone.
As a consequence of the connection that has been established the PC can be accessed by using the phone.
Setting up the server
After installing WiFiRemoteApp on the mobile device the user is only required to start the program and to specify the IP address of the PC. It’s also possible to set a passcode and log in if the mobile device is lost or stolen.
Using the PC connected to the same LAN
If the user wants to control the PC from the mobile device it will be connected to the same network using the IP address provided by the program.
When the connection has been established the PC will be open for control and the user will be able to use all the functions of the PC.
WiFiRemotes Server Screenshot:
The mobile device on the left side and the PC on the right.
The Control Panel
The application comes with a control panel that is divided into two different parts:

The main section is the remote control panel where the user can manage the mobile phone from the PC. The settings include configuration of the server, enabling the hotspot, the IP address and the login.
The second section of the control panel is the log viewer that allows the user to check the log file.
Server Configuration
The server configuration lets the user set the passwords and security levels.
The administrator can also specify the encryption (AES, WEP or WPA) and configure the port number.

Access Restriction
Access is managed with the use of a three-level security:

Routines based on IP addresses
When a user accesses the PC from the mobile phone the program will check the IP eea19f52d2

This set of colorful Internet Explorer icons has been designed to look like the icons that you have already on your desktop. These colorful icons have been used in web and desktop applications and so have a very appealing look.

colorful IE icons Features:



Internet Explorer


This is a free and open source set of Internet Explorer icons that can be used in web and desktop applications.

How to install icon sets?

Download icon sets to your computer.

Extract them to a folder on your computer. For example, I extracted mine to the folder F:\iconFolders\.

Open a command prompt (cmd) and navigate to the folder you extracted them to.

Type the following command to move them to the Windows\Start Menu folder:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,UpdateIcon /T

Close command prompt and open the Windows Explorer.

Right-click on the Start Menu folder and choose “Import”.

Import the extracted files to the Windows\Start Menu folder and you are done!




Supported systems

Windows 8/8.1

Win10 (incl. 1803 and 1903)

Win10 Mobile (incl. 1903 Mobile)


Win10 Mobile (incl. 1903 Mobile)

Win10 (incl. 1703 and 1709)


WIndows 10 Mobile (incl. 1703 Mobile)

Portable (incl. 1803 and 1903)

Win10 Mobile (incl. 1703 Mobile)


Win10 Mobile (incl. 1903 Mobile)



Free icon set

How to install icon packs

To install icon packs to your computer, you can download and extract them to a folder on your computer, and then install them to your system by following the steps below.


Open a command prompt (cmd) and navigate to the folder where you have extracted the downloaded icon pack. For example, I extracted mine to the folder C:\iconFolders\

Type the following command to move themўryers‡rssњ-srrr-andreeva_a_neskuchnaya_matematika_dlya_detey_ot_10_let-rar-2263-rњr±-ri-r±rµsgrїrrsr/