Coral Clock 3D Screensaver is an animated screensaver that allows you to be immersed in a fantastic sea scene. You’ll be able to watch the coral and fish life without feeling like you are looking at a real aquarium. In addition, the screensaver automatically adjusts to your monitor aspect ratio so you can enjoy the wallpaper without squinting. It’s one of the best “3D” screensavers out there.

PC2-4300D LED Monitor – LCD

The G243HW is part of the new ThinkVision Curved G Series of large, curved, 1920×1080 (1080p) high resolution monitors. It features an excellent contrast ratio of 1000:1, a viewing angle of 170°, plus a VGA and DisplayPort video input. The Curved G Series monitors are part of the Curve View series and provide a long viewing angle while being thin, lightweight, and energy efficient.

Computer monitor screens are used as a visual display for most general computing tasks, and many creative applications. Computers have monitors because computer screens are needed to show computer output such as the results of a program’s calculations and information from a user’s mouse and keyboard. It is these screens that provide the user with an interface to the computer and allow the user to interact with the program or document.
The two primary categories of computer monitor screens are CRTs (Cathode-Ray Tubes), which use an electron beam to excite phosphors on the screen to emit light, and LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) screens, which use a liquid crystal display to manipulate individual light bulbs to create an image. A third technology, called plasma, uses a plasma display screen to create similar images.

Computer Monitor Screen

A computer monitor screen may be made of either glass, metal or plastic. If the screen is made of glass it is called a glass screen. A metal screen is typically a sheet of aluminum. A plastic screen may be any kind of plastic, including a molded or pressed film.

LED LED displays for Desktop and Home TVs

Colour mixing LED technology can create virtually unlimited numbers of colours. The efficiency and longevity of LED lighting means that they can be used in environments where other types of technology cannot be used.

Samsung UN55D7000 55″ LED TV (70000)

An evolution in entertainment, the Samsung UN55D7000 (7000) series features a distinctive new display design that sets it apart from the competition. This stunning eea19f52d2


Atlantis Schema Inspector is a fast and flexible SQL schema comparison and synchronization utility. You can use it to get your deployments right first time, every time.
Schema Inspector offers an easy and fast way to compare and synchronise schema elements of SQL Server databases whether live, test, snapshots or partial databases. Any changes can be checked speedily and easily without errors. It can save your development team lots of time and help you achieve your project delivery accurately and on time.
Schema Inspector works in tandem with our Data Inspector and both combine with our SQL Everywhere to make a uniquely integrated ‘one stop’ solution for all SQL developers and administrators alike.
You can confidently use Schema Inspector and Data Inspector to save hours of development time whether developing new SQL Server databases or migrating old systems over to new. The savings in development time will make a significant contribution to the ensuring your project will deliver solutions to your users on-time and on-budget
Note: It will revert to community edition once the trial period is over
Other Installs Available:

Universal 8.5×86 or x64 – Instant download – fast install & use!

Install new or migrate existing SQL Server databases to.NET – Instant download – fast install & use!

If you are running SQL Server 2005 (Express Edition) you must install SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 (SE/3050) and version 4.0 of the SQL Server Compact Toolbox.

Download the database schema (Inspect) file and the database file (Execute) for database that you want to import

On the Tools menu, click SQL Server Compact.

Expand SQL Server Compact and then click on SQL Server Compact Tools.

Click on Add Tables to Migrate, then select the files that you wish to import. Click on OK.

Unzip the file into a destination and start using the tools!


Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Download For SQL Server Community Edition

SQL Server Data Tools 2008 R2 Beta (includes SQL Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1)

SQL Server Data Tools 2012 (includes SQL Server 2012 with Service Pack 1)

Download For SQL Server Express Edition

SQL Server Data Tools 2008 R2 Beta (includes SQL Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1)

SQL Server Data Tools 2012 (includes SQL Server 2012 with Service Pack 1)