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Change Internet Time Update Interval is a lightweight utility designed to help you change the time interval that the system uses to update the clock. You can adjust the time range and you can choose to enable or disable this functionality.
From the program’s interface, you can add, remove or change the time intervals (each one is represented by a three-digit code). The actual interval is defined by the third digit of the numeric string.
Change Internet Time Update Interval Features:
• Ability to update the system clock hourly, daily, or weekly.
• Ability to update the system clock only once a day.
• Ability to update the system clock only once a week.
• Ability to change the time zone based on the Internet server that you choose.
• Ability to disable system clock updates.
• Ability to set the date of the last date that was updated.
Change Internet Time Update Interval Screenshots:
Change Internet Time Update Interval Settings:
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This is a wonderful app for all types of Piano players. For the beginner there is great teaching features and for the more advanced player there is lots of support. The features include:

• 2 preloaded song that will be your guide to the piano.
• Recording ability.
• Ability to set how many steps to use while playing.
• Ability to play in Tune, all different types of Sharp/Flat.
• Ability to play notes, scales or chords.
• Ability to set volumes, octaves or filter notes (High/Low).
• Ability to filter notes to include only half notes, quarter notes or eighth notes.
• Ability to invert chords.
• Ability to record as you play.
• Ability to record upto 100 songs.
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• Ability to add chords from your library and even your music folders.
• Ability to set octaves.
• Ability to set durations of notes or chords.
• Ability to set the key of the song as well as other settings such as octaves and durations.
• Ability to use your own midi tracks.
• Ability to record a midi track and save it to the library.
• Ability to play/stop and go back.
• Ability to record a midi track with step recording.
• Ability to set the key of the song.