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ClearURLs is an extension for Chrome which is very easy to use. It uses over 250 regular expressions, developed by developers from various security and tech groups, to analyze the source code of the URLs being loaded in the browser. It checks the code of every page that is opened in the browser, and removes the elements that are not necessary for the page to display correctly. This makes the pages load faster, and prevents tracking of the user. The extension can block tracking attempts over history API, and will search for such elements in the pages themselves.

It can prevent visits to your site from Google (Incognito Mode), and block tracking attempts from Facebook and Twitter.
The extension also can block following elements in a URL:

Regex used: ([a-z]+)\.[a-z]{2,4}\.[a-z]{2}\/(?P[a-z0-9]+)(?:\/(\d+))?

$1: Domain of the page
$2: Page ID

Just keep in mind that this regex may or may not catch every possible tracking element in a URL. This regex only catches URL redirects which use JavaScripts, so it should be good enough for most of the cases.

Vega is a browser extension made by Citrix to redirect to Citrix-powered apps and websites from Chrome’s URL bar. It can also be used to make WebKit-powered browsers such as Safari automatically open Citrix apps or URLs.
Vega for Chrome Description:
Vega is a browser extension which changes the search bar to Citrix platform.It helps in quickly launching the various apps on the Citrix platform.
The extension adds a Citrix logo to the search bar and the search bar is made available when you click it.
You can customize it so that it searches for apps, services, device management, settings, etc.,
The extension adds the Citrix logo to the search bar. This is not supported on Safari and Firefox.
I strongly recommend to try out this extension before buying it. It is free, and free is always good 🙂

This extension makes the search bar of Chrome responsive and customizable. The most interesting part is the addition of Citrix apps to it. To add Citrix apps, go to Tools -> Citrix Extension Manager -> Add Citrix Apps.


UPDATED – I’ve added a little more code to show you how to use the eea19f52d2


LightStopWatch is a Java-based solution for using a stopwatch. It offers simple, easy-to-use interface and options for users with little experience.
What’s in the package?
• LightStopWatch is an ideal app for using a stopwatch for running sessions. It allows setting the lap number, total duration and duration, and recording individual laps.
• LightStopWatch offers a lightweight interface design that works on all modern browsers.
• It uses modern technology that does not require a setup procedure and is straightforward for use by anyone.
How to download?
• Download the software by simply clicking the button below.
• LightStopWatch will then get downloaded to your desktop and you can install it at any time.
• The installation may prompt you to perform a security check or ask for basic input on your part.
• You are done and can start using the software right away.Funny Stories

Funny Stories (Spanish: Cuentos Para Chicas) is a 1943 Mexican comedy film directed by Juan de Orduña and starring Estella Blondet, Chucho Villanueva and Carlos Orellana.

Estella Blondet as Lolita
Chucho Villanueva as Don Ramón
Carlos Orellana as Don Claudio
Miguel Ángel Ferriz as Don Eugenio
Guillermo Marín as Carlos
Manuel Noriega as Ramón
Carlos Navarro as Señor de la Cañada
José Pérez de Lara as Capitán de la Infantería
Manuel Dondé as Pedro
Carlos López Moctezuma as Pedro
Adolfo Gatica as Arturo
Anita Blanch as Anita
Elvira Moreno as La señora
Carlos Navarro as Señor de la Cañada
Lola Casaux as Inés
Rosita Lara as Adela
Adriana Lamar as Coralita
Manuel ‘Kiko’ Vázquez as José
Ricardo Rojas as Secretario
Ángel Merino as Sacerdote


Mira, Alberto. The A to Z of Mexican Cinema. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.

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