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The game is played from Lola’s perspective. The purpose of this game is
to cause Lola to fall off of the counterweight.

To start, either Lola or Peter should stand inside the elevator,
and press the space bar to release Lola. 
If neither of them are inside the elevator, press the space bar to
start the elevator moving. 

If the elevator reaches the bottom, then Lola will fall off. 
She will fall slowly, but if she has time to react, she will
remain on the counterweight until the elevator reaches the top. 
She will always land on her back, except if she falls backwards. 

If she lands on her back, she will bounce around until she falls
off of the counterweight. 
If she lands on her front, she will simply fall off. 

If Lola falls off the counterweight, 
press the space bar to restart the simulation.

The elevator is controlled by two things:
1) the Elevator controls: you need to control the direction of
the elevator by pressing the up arrow and the down arrow. 
2) the Yoyo: to cause the counterweight to fall off, the yoyo
needs to be positioned above the bottom of the yoyo, 
and the up arrow needs to be pressed. 

This game can be pretty difficult if you don’t know the
exact position of the yoyo above the elevator bottom. 
You can use the yoyo_height variable to change the yoyo’s position. 

As the elevator gets closer to the bottom, the yoyo will
get smaller. 
If the yoyo reaches the bottom, then Lola will fall off the
Press the space bar to restart the simulation.

To make things easier, you can start with a higher yoyo_height value. 
If you press eea19f52d2

This plugin supports by version as:
– Sysex support.
– Support of Akai Miniak Pro 2 and Akai Miniak II.
– You can save original Ableton Project file with additional parameters to the disk.

These additional parameters in your Ableton project:
– Position of the waveform, you can change, if you have more than one waveform editor window.
– The number of Polyphonic voice editor window.
– The number of MIDI Channel.
– The number of Mono/Poly MIDI channel.
– Signal level – the level of the sound is in dB.
– The number of voice editor window for each MIDI channel.

Full of Polyphonic DAW

Full support for the Ableton Live and Xfer Records

Customize display:
– Time display mode: accurate, with or without time scale.
– Minimal display or extended display of all faders and gates.
– View window display on or off.
– Custom color of onscreen display and Minimal mode display colors.
– It is possible to display all parameters and MIDI in the custom color of each editor window.
– Expand or compress the visual size of windows.
– The arrows of the sliders on the editor window can be replaced with graphics.
– Turn on or off/disability display windows of each track.
– Display or hide the waveform editor window and other windows.
– Auto hide of the waveform editor window and other windows.

Ready for a session

You can load a wide range of MIDI signals:
– Signals are saved in Ableton projects with additional parameters.
– You can load or overwrite waveform editor and MIDI data.
– Load or overwrite preset that you have saved to the disk.
– Load or overwrite a preset, that you have in the editor.
– You can save a session, which consists of the loaded or saved preset and additional parameters for the further use.

You can even load MIDI file in 2Khz format, if you have a 64-channel Miniak, and play it in real time, with a Real-Time Performance or in the Real-Time Mode.

Full support of the Akai Miniak sound

You can work with sounds, loaded from the memory of Akai Miniak.
The parameters of the sound are saved in the format:
– The frequency.