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The Skype-call recording software is an application that can automatically record all the Skype calls you make or receive. The program runs in Windows without any interference, and it also saves the media files in the audio or video format of your choice. All the files can be saved to any convenient location.

The software allows you to record all the Skype calls made by friends in the same tab, and lists them for you. The software is capable of identifying video messages, too, and enables you to play them in Windows Media Player.

TalkHelper for Skype is a reliable tool that enables you to save recordings of your video calls to friends over Skype. The software can easily capture both video and voice calls that you make or receive, then save them to your computer, to the indicated destination. The software is easy to use and lists all your Skype conversations or messages.
Automatically record calls
TalkHelper for Skype comes in handy when you wish to capture a specific voice or video call you make with Skype and include both users’ activity. Generally, you may send one directional voice/video messages that Skype can record for you, but it cannot capture both ends of a live conversation.
TalkHelper for Skype allows you to record these calls and save the media files to your computer. The software is easy to use: all you need to do is start it and let it run on your computer while you are logged in to Skype. The software can automatically start to record incoming calls whether they are voice or video conversations.
Skype call agenda
TalkHelper for Skype can also be used as a call archive, since it can list all the recorded calls in the dedicated tab. It can filter these recordings, depending on the date they were created and allows you to add individual memos to each entry. The software features a recording button which can indicate when a call is being captured.
Moreover, the software can start with Windows and you may enable or disable the automatic recording when the call starts. Additionally, you can select the directory where you wish to save voice calls and the audio format: MP3 or WAV. Voice and video calls are stored separately from the notes.
View Skype call list and media messages
Not only can TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype record all the calls you make to or receive from friends over Internet, but it can also list all the media messages that you receive. The application can identify all video messages, then list them for you in a separate tab. All media files can be rendered with Windows Media Player eea19f52d2

‘Internet Stars’ FavIcon is a collection of 20 interesting favicon’s you can use for your applications.
Favicons are tiny images that appear next to your links in web browsers. You might have seen them in your web browsers and your email clients.

‘Picmonkey’ is an online image editor that lets you alter photos and create memes. You can use this tool to make funny images, retouch photos, add filters and much more.
Picmonkey can be used online or offline, but the quality of the editing is much better online.
We present you this free online website editing service for fun, without any limits. With this tool, you can edit any photo in any size, make funny memes, create funny graphics, add filters, and much more.
‘Picmonkey’ Favicon is a collection of 20 images for your applications.
These images can be used in all your applications: themes, desktop themes, bookmarks, etc.
The pack contains 9 JPG images for 512×512, 128×128, 64×64, 32×32 and 16×16 px.

‘Picmonkey’ Text is a collection of 20 funny favicon’s you can use in your applications.
The pack contains 9 PNG icons for 512×512, 128×128, 64×64, 32×32 and 16×16 px.
We have provided these free PNG icons for you, so you can easily use them in your applications.
Picmonkey Favicon is a great collection of favicon’s.
‘Picmonkey’ Text contains a total of 30 favicon’s, but only 9 are available in PNG format.
If you would like to use the remaining favicon’s, you can create your own using the tool and send it to us.
In this way, we can add the rest of the icons to our collection.
‘Picmonkey’ Text is available as a free download.

‘CropChat’ is an application designed to make and share funny images.
CropChat is one of the best free photo editors online. CropChat is a very easy to use tool that allows you to do much more than editing photos. With CropChat you can create memes, make funny images, create funny images, or even make a funny gallery.
CropChat is also a free image editor. You can edit and create images online without spending any money. You can make memes, funny images, cool images, and anything else