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Since input validation is a fundamentally important part of any web application, most of the modern web applications are equipped with data validation routines. These validation routines help identify and discard input that may fall prey to dangerous situations.
Validator.NET is a.NET application that can help you identify potential security vulnerabilities in your web application. It can be deployed in standalone mode or it can be embedded within your web application so that you can validate all the input coming from your web application.
Validator.NET helps you by providing a solution to the problem of insecure data validation. You can easily identify web application vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Buffer Overflow, etc. at any point of time by running the tools.
The solution provides the option of not loading the validator on-the-fly by the developers, but by loading the rules only when the application is in run-time.
All the data validation rules are pre-configured. As a result you do not have to write code to generate and validate the data validation routines. This helps save time and effort.
Your web applications do not have to be burdened with new code, only the rules need to be added to the code base.
The solution does not require any change to the existing web applications. The solution is completely web application independent and can be used with any.NET based web application.
The solution can be easily integrated with existing web applications. This makes it a perfect option for protecting your web applications.
The solution uses an extensive coverage of IDN (internationalized domain names) validation. This helps in preventing various attacks which may occur when the data being validated is an internationalized domain name.
A typical web application may have hundreds of input fields and a significant part of the input data may be user entered input. Hence it is not practical for a developer to validate each field. Even though each field requires a validation, most of the times the developer does not perform all the required validations. This reduces the reliability of the application.
Validator.NET aims to eliminate this problem by offering a proactive approach towards data validation. Instead of monitoring the input, it can be configured to automatically validate the input on-the-fly.
The application is written in.NET framework 3.5+ and all the required validations can be performed using the standard C# programming language.
Validator.NET helps you by providing a solution to the problem of insecure data validation. You can easily identify web application vulnerabilities such eea19f52d2


SysMetrix is a powerful application that provides a large amount of information regarding your computer in a very appealing way directly on your desktop.
Wide range of customization options
The program impresses mostly thanks to the high number of customization options, allowing the user to configure not only its appearance, but also the information it shows.
Get info about CPU, hard disk and others
While in default mode it shows CPU, memory, hard disk, mail and Recycle Bin details, a simple right-click on the main window opens a whole new universe, providing you with access to forecast, as well as possibilities to adjust system date and time, volume settings or configure the email.
Additionally, it also sports basic controls to logoff, restart, shutdown or force shutdown Windows.
Alter the program’s appearance
The configuration menu is all about the application’s appearance, so you can choose not only the theme, but also juggle with all kinds of options such as interactive buttons, interactive sliders, textual information or dual-state images.
In addition, SysMetrix allows changing its positioning, sounds, network settings, bar graphs, animations and histograms.
System tray running mode
SysMetrix permanently keeps an icon in System Tray, which also shows a bunch of details regarding the CPU and RAM, but it also allows you to launch the main window with just a single click.

Clonk: The original building game was released on December 8, 1997 on Linux. The game is still a classic and the most popular building game on Linux. It’s a clone of the Windows game SimCity 2000, which is written in Java.
Clonk is a multi-player building game where the player has to build up a small city on a block shaped map. In this city there is a road network, energy power plants, water pipes and waste disposal facilities. All buildings are placed on the blocks (11×11), and all blocks can be used as roads or as walls to build buildings. Also there are pre-built rooms with computer terminals to transfer data to a network. There are also free tools to build a city.

It is a very addictive game because of it’s fantasy theme and it’s social nature (telephone game). Clonk is especially suited for the Linux platform because the game can be easily downloaded from the internet and played through the built in web browser.

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