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Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer is a simple and fast photo editing program that uses the latest in photo editing technology to transform photos. Thanks to the innovative technology, your images can be enhanced in just a few clicks, resulting in stunning visual effects. You can add the best of the best to your photos and make them look more interesting and artistic. You can also straighten and warp your images, remove imperfections, add special effects, convert color images to black and white, tone down the color saturation and brighten up the darkest areas. You can also add an artistic layer over your photos to make them more memorable. Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer is a simple to use and powerful photo editing tool.
Easily expand the photos that you take.
With just one click, Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer will automatically enlarge the images and add a 10x increase. The program will make the photo sharp and crisp.
​Crop your photos and focus on a single part of the image.
Simply choose the part of the photo you want to focus on. For a more artistic and exciting effect, you can also adjust the size of the photo.
​Adjust the image’s color and brightness.
Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer adjusts the color and brightness of your photos according to the photo’s own content. You can adjust the hue, saturation and brightness of the image. This will help you achieve a better color balance.
​Fix lens flaws.
Wondershare Fotophire Maximizer automatically detects lens flaws and fixes them for you. The program will accurately detect all kinds of lens flaws and remove them for you.
​Add photo effects.
This program comes with a number of photo effects that will make your images even more beautiful. You can add special effects like china painting, vintage effect, night shot, rain and snow, and many more.
Full-featured photo editing application.
Make your photos sharp and crisp.
Automatically enlarge photos.
Crop photos and focus on a single part of the image.
Adjust the color and brightness.
Fix lens flaws.
Add photo effects.
Correct unusual photo angles.
Straighten photos.
Rotate photos 90 degrees and more.
Change rotation angle, rotate multiple photos at once.
Preview your images, edit, rotate, crop and scale your photos.
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GIBNEO is an open-source computer program and open-source library that makes it easy to develop models of biochemical systems in the spirit of the GEM (Genome-scale Integrated Biochemical Network of Escherichia coli) project.
Run the program on your local computer in just a few minutes
You can run the program multiple times without creating new data files (e.g. different carbon sources, different environmental conditions)
Run with the the data from the used release of the GEM

Since 1995, the NASA-Marshall Cooling Loop Experiment (NML CL2) program has been designed to provide the basic physics, data analysis, modeling, and code for the C6 flow circuit as a tool for understanding and diagnosing feedback cooling loops for satellite applications.
Over the years, NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist has been providing considerable funding for the development of the NML CL2 software.
The Cooling Loop Laboratory Software (CL2) is a suite of applications written in Fortran 90.
The CL2 suite is primarily used for parameter identification, performance calculations, and data analysis.
It supports simulation-based linear stability analysis and optimization with the MPSA and TPSA methods.
It supports parametric sensitivity analysis with the Partial Rank Correlation Coefficient (PRCC) method.
It supports optimization of linear stability for both steady and time-dependent flows.
It supports the transfer of data from an experimental flow circuit to a mathematical model.

CoolProp is a program that allows people to calculate thermodynamic and transport properties of fluid components for refrigerants, and coolants.
While REFPROP allows people to use the PROP database for their analysis, CoolProp does not have a dedicated database for coolants. Instead, it can make use of the PROP database to calculate coolant properties, which are usually computed in the database for water.
CoolProp consists of two programs: CoolProp and CoolPropD. CoolProp and CoolPropD calculate thermodynamic and transport properties of the fluids, while CoolPropD calculates these properties for the mixture.
In addition, it is also possible to make use of CoolPropD to calculate the properties of the coolants and refrigerants for the REFPROP database.
CoolPropD has been tested against the available databases. For the coolants, it is possible to make use of the values computed by REFPROP and