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★ MSD Tasks is a comprehensive utility that comes in handy especially for team leaders to schedule and organize various assignments (e.g. follow-up, buy spare parts, call, review meeting) for multiple team members, as well as manage information about all the clients.
★ Keep an eye on the customers and schedule daily appointments
★ Plan tasks for each member or the entire team
★ Plan a new task requires a work order number, annotation date, description, priority, the team (e.g. Tom, Will, Ana) and event type (appointment, gift, birthday, manual work, phone call)
★ The provided interface is well-organized and colorful
★ Wipe all the sample data and start from scratch
★ Filter the day to only display the working hours
★ Switch between daily and monthly planner and filter the day
★ Plan a new task requires a work order number, annotation date, description, priority, the team (e.g. Tom, Will, Ana) and event type (appointment, gift, birthday, manual work, phone call)
★ Handle existing and potential customers
★ Add the project (one of your entered projects), client, notes, recurrence date, task state (e.g. canceled, pending, completed), and other optional documents and images
★ Insert new important activities and back up the data
★ The app comes with other useful tools, like a word processor, spreadsheets creator, image viewer and calculator
★ Back up, restore, compact and repair the database
★ Attach and create multiple documents
★ Backup a project, task, or customer
★ Maintain a detailed record of your staff’s activities
★ Create and maintain a record of the tasks assigned to your employees
★ Search by any criterion, including the date, time, duration, contact, customer, group, priority, and start and end date
★ Email a task by attaching it to an email message
★ Invite any person to a task
★ Email the tasks to people
★ Review appointments and set reminders
★ Organize your tasks and activities
★ Set up tasks and events for one or more team members
★ Add a task or event
★ Set the title of the task or event
★ Set the starting and end date
★ Set the duration of the task or event
★ Set the number of repetitions of the task or event
★ Set the date, time, and day of week of the task or event
★ Set the eea19f52d2

Tigers Free is a free screensaver that shows you the world’s largest cat, the tiger. Tigers are among the most popular and recognizable of the world’s charismatic megafauna. They have featured prominently in ancient mythology and folklore, and continue to be depicted in modern films and literature. You can install the screensaver on your computer.
Key Features:
■ Attractive and realistic looking, realistic flying tiger
■ Fishes and bees as well
■ Graphics are customizable through changing backgrounds and water colors
■ Well-designed and easy to use
Tigers Free Screensaver Requirements:
■ DirectX 8
System Requirements:
■ Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
■ Java 1.4.1
■ Processor: 300MHz or higher
■ RAM: 384 MB or higher
■ Free disk space: 1 GB or higher
■ Screen Resolution: 1024×768 or higher
■ Video Card: PCI, AGP, or newer
■ Sound Card: DirectX 7.0 compatible or higher
■ Size: 1.2 MB to 1.4 MB
Tigers Free ScreensaverQ:

Does FileStream.Seek() work with the SSD?

I am reading a file from a partition on a SSD.
Does FileStream.Seek() work with the SSD drives?
I know that when I mount the disk to a running system it does work, but my question is about when a file is opened.


Yes, the seek method will work on the SSD.
It is more likely to be slow, though, due to the fact that the data has to be physically moved to a different position on the drive, compared to reading from a file on a drive with spinning media.


MongoDB $match with multiple field

I have a collection with this structure:
_id: “1234”,
name: “Romer”,
last_name: “D”,
adress: “W33rd St 33”,
country: “U.S”,
age: “34”,
gender: “F”,

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