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Wysigot Light is a browser-based application able to monitor websites, download files, and highlight newly modified sections.
The program offers a variety of web page-related options: web pages can be added to the list, set the frequency for checking webpage updates, and specify the downloaded files, such as images, videos, and scripts.
Additionally, the application can be configured to automatically open a web browser and go to a specific URL. It’s helpful if you have to monitor a site, download a file, or check if a certain page has been modified.
Some of the other features provided by Wysigot Light are: the ability to filter downloaded files based on size, filename, extension, MIME type, and date, a folder and file search, and automatic checks for updates.
You can also select the files to be copied by highlighting them, as well as the sections to be highlighted, and change settings like the character case, file size, and compression level.
Furthermore, you can export a file with the URL and page content to a web browser, copy only the selected items, print pages, generate web pages with and without links, as well as save or export the whole list in any format.
You may also create a blacklist, set up alarms when certain pages change, view the downloaded files, and create a folder tree.
In summary, Wysigot Light is an efficient and intuitive tool to monitor and control various web-based applications. The tool is not only useful for webmasters and students, but also for any users who need to monitor their favorite web sites for the latest updates.
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Emsisoft Decrypter for CryptInfinite is a lightweight piece of software designed to help you decode and thus, recover files that have been hijacked by CryptInfinite ransomware.

You should know that in addition to ransomware, there are other malicious threats out there that can mess with your files. It is always wise to keep a backup of your most important files, both in the cloud and on physical media. Unfortunately, if the worst happens, you will have to resort to these backup copies to restore your data. Here we have another type of malware that messes with your data, and it is dubbed CryptInfinite or DecryptorMax ransomware. This threat is notorious for its ability to encrypt and delete files from your computer, but fortunately there are ways to get your data back.
In this guide, you will find some tools and tricks to get your data back without paying a single penny. Even though they may sound like a scam, they do not ask for your money. In fact, they are designed to help you recover your files, without affecting your backups. They are certainly not the only option, but I hope they help you.
Let’s see what exactly can be done to recover CryptInfinite ransomware.

Emsisoft Decrypter for CryptInfinite Video Tutorial

How to recover CryptInfinite infected files

In case you are dealing with CryptInfinite, then you have to download a clean copy of the ransomware to unlock your files. You can use any email client, like Microsoft Outlook. You also can drag and drop a file over the tool and wait for a couple of hours.

You need to understand that you are in fact entering a 24-hour deadline, as after this time the ransomware will permanently delete the shadow volume copies from your system.

If the malware is indeed able to brute-force the master key, you will see a screen similar to this one.

What you can do in order to recover CryptInfinite files

In most cases, you need to decrypt your files using a clean copy of the ransomware that is not infected. You can use any copy from your email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook. You can also use a copy that you have found on another location, such as a USB drive.

Once you have a clean copy of the ransomware, you need to drag and drop it over the application and be patient. This will take some time, as the process can be long.

Why is E