» Infomoto Portable is a free auto-inventory management app which lets you store all your information about vehicles in a database.
» Use InfoMoto Portable to:
» Import your vehicles from the database of your choice
» Add new vehicles (with info and pictures)
» Print any vehicle record
» Travel routes, and log fuel consumption
» Get info about its current ownership
» Keep track of all ownership changes (add/delete)
» Determine parts list
» Print a logbook and other reports
» Store logbook and vehicle info as files (csv, txt)
» Access Google API to get info about the vehicle
» Store vehicle history and image (pictures)
» Sort vehicles (e.g. by name, year, etc.)
» Print vehicle registration (e.g. VIN)
» Download logs and vehicle history as csv and txt
» Add/delete/edit vehicle history entries
» Access information about old/new vehicles (e.g. manufacturer, model)
» Adjust time clock and vehicle list
» Enable/disable the most/least important events
» Add vehicles to location database
» Choose and print companies/organizations to exclude
» Export database to CSV
» Copy database to SD card
» Manage only photos
» Follow the history of your vehicle
» Disable/enable time clock
» Upload vehicle history to database
» Import vehicles (from database of your choice)
» Install new vehicles (with info and pictures)
» Assign vehicles to drivers
» Create routes
» Plan journeys
» Download routes to GPS/PDF
» Search for routes by distance
» Edit routes
» Change directions
» Change routes by time
» Filter routes
» Choose GPS/PDF format for route file
» Choose name, number, date, time for any entry
» Add fuel stop
» Adjust routes
» Print routes
» Export route to GPS/PDF
» Change route info (Name, date, time)
» Change route fuel stop
» Save routes to file
» Print routes in CSV format
» View route history
» Print route history
» Import routes from file
» Import vehicles from file (SQL format)
» Start/stop vehicle
» Display the current fuel consumption
» Remove vehicle from database
» Display the prices for all vehicles
» Print prices
» Export prices
» Choose printer format (text, pdf) eea19f52d2

The first and only true out-of-the-box solution to manage all of your paper work electronically.
Capio makes it easy to capture, manage and share paper documents. Capio’s clean interface, easy-to-use interface and no
technical expertise is required. In fact, Capio only requires minimal configuration, just install, and you’re ready to go.
Capio also supports your existing scanning, e-mailing and organizing applications. So when a customer calls with
questions about an invoice, or Accounting asks for another copy of your expense report, or your boss needs that article
about your main competitor – whatever paper document you need, you can find it and send it in seconds. And save
yourself time and paper cuts.
Capio’s search capabilities make finding your documents easy. With a single search term or file name, you can easily
find and preview a document. When the document is done previewing, you can file, archive, search and retrieve it in
just a few mouse clicks. Capio also has the flexibility to export to virtually any document format including PDF, single- and
multi-page TIFF, JPEG, DAT and PCL.
Capio is built on the VRS technology standard. This means that Capio works with any scanner and any scanner driver,
from virtually any manufacturer. Capio automatically optimizes the settings for a wide range of scanners. When your
Capio-enabled scanner is turned on, Capio’s VirtualReScan technology instantly scans and saves an electronic copy of
the document you’re viewing. This means no rescanning or multiple scans are required. The file is perfect every time.
When it’s time to get the information to your Ascent Capture solution, you can also use Capio to scan the document.
With Ascent Capture, Capio allows knowledge workers to capture paper documents for any business process including
contracts, expense reports, time cards, or invoices. As soon as they’re captured, they’re ready to be opened, tagged,
processed, and archived. Capio allows knowledge workers to index their own documents and send them to Ascent
Capture or their desktop. As a result, they can save significant time and paper.
Capio is the first and only true out-of-the-box solution to manage all of your paper work electronically. In addition to
capturing documents for personal information management, Capio also integrates seamlessly with Ascent Capture