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A unit converter with an Excel add-in. Don’t make the same mistake as other unit converters. Duometrix is a unit converter with an Excel add-in, it is designed for you to work with multiple units at once in any context. This free software is easy to use and free to convert from or to any other units type.
Duometrix Features:
★ Excel Add-in
✓ Dynamic Excel
✓ Units like mass, volume, energy, force, time, distance, pressure, temperature and many more.
✓ It is very easy to convert between units.
★ Standalone
✓ Convert from one unit to another.
✓ It is very easy to convert between units.
★ Standalone, with integrated Excel
✓ With this integration, we are offering a tool with one function that can help you with any unit conversion task: Convert, Define and Export.
★ Multilingual
★ Lifetime Support
To learn more please visit us at or
Duometrix Support:

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Securely store and quickly access your passwords. It is easy to use, and saves time by using a password generator and an always-on-top mode.
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If you’re looking for a stylish and secure alternative to flash passwords, Xmarks can help. Xmarks will store your passwords so that you can log in with ease, no matter where you are. Xmarks is available for the following browsers:
Google Chrome
and many more…
Xmarks is a great browser extension for anyone who wants to be in control of their online life. Find out more here.
Xmarks Security Features
Online data security is one of the biggest issues facing the internet today. When you open your browser, you enter an environment that contains many personal details.
Xmarks helps you to stay safe by automatically generating strong unique passwords, and storing them in an encrypted database that can be accessed from any computer.
Xmarks will never store your passwords online or in any Xmarks database.
Xmarks uses the strongest security standards, including AES encryption, to make sure that no data is stored on our servers.
The Xmarks Database only stores hashes of your passwords, not the actual password.
If your password changes, you only need to change the hash in the database.
Xmarks only stores your login data locally, so Xmarks will never see your password.
Xmarks enables you to access all of your passwords from any web browser.
Using Xmarks is free. It uses no permanent cookies, so there is no need to log in to Xmarks every time you want to use it.
In addition, Xmarks has been independently tested to ensure that it’s compatible with any version of Windows and Internet Explorer.
Managing your Xmarks Passwords
The Xmarks Manager is a desktop application which allows you to securely manage your passwords. It can work offline, so you can use it without an Internet connection.
Manage your list of usernames and passwords
Securely add new usernames and passwords
Delete old usernames and passwords
Manage usernames for