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E-Mail List Organizer Deluxe E-Mail List Organizer Deluxe (ELOD) is an e-mail list organizer for small to mid-sized business and individuals.

E-Mail List Organizer Deluxe is an e-mail list organizer for small to mid-sized business and individuals. It was developed to organize, clean and combine e-mail lists with a simple to use user interface and easily understand options. It is the ideal tool for managing e-mail lists within your company or to assist individuals with their individual e-mail list.
E-Mail List Organizer Deluxe integrates into Microsoft Windows and has an intuitive easy-to-use interface. It includes many advanced features including powerful data import and export options, text search of records, XML file import/export, formatting and edit fields, a powerful filtering options with many advanced uses and more. E-Mail List Organizer Deluxe is a robust application with many tools and features.
E-Mail List Organizer Deluxe is a tool that contains all features to meet the needs of small to mid-sized business and individuals. It comes with several email list database templates, and includes a powerful filtering and sorting options that provides quick and easy access to the correct record.
E-Mail List Organizer Deluxe Features:

Create an unlimited number of mailing lists, databases or email files
Select, modify or add data fields and text to each record
Save text files and export to all file formats including HTML, PDF, MS Word, Open Office, EML and more
Filter and sort databases or email files based on criteria or combinations of criteria
Sort and export the data to text, HTML, Excel, MS Word, Open Office, EML and other file formats
Search databases or email files using text, numbers or dates
Find duplicate records, delete them and keep them in the database or remove them from the list
Import or export databases or email files from multiple files
Create and maintain your personal or company email lists
Create e-mail lists from external files such as.txt and.csv files, including windows forms such as excel and Access
Display and print your databases or email lists
Generate HTML pages using a built-in Internet browser to display data
Print your databases or email lists as text or HTML
View statistics about your databases or email lists, including count, unread or number of messages
Create customized reports
Copy and move databases or email lists from one folder to another, to another database
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– added more bookmarks for users who want to create their own folders
– added “Make all bookmarks to DashBack” option for users who have multiple browsers
– added option to import multiple folders (only on Chrome)
– Google Chrome
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How to Update DashBack Bookmark:
– Go to “Dashback Bookmark Settings”
– click on “Update” and wait for it to finish
The DashBack Bookmark Page:

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