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Universal Subtitle Viewer is a small tool that was designed to help you watch movies complete with subtitles.

News:: Your experience with Sony Xperia X may soon come to an end
If you were an ardent Android user, you’ll be familiar with the name Sony Xperia X. With a top-notch and sturdy body, the Xperia X is a tough device that can take a few bumps and drops. Unfortunately, after just a few months of use, the company is set to drop the phone.
The main reason is that Xperia X suffered from a major design flaw that became apparent after using it for a while. The company wasn’t able to fix the issue quickly, and the phone’s design was slowly evolving into a huge flaw.
What’s more, it appears that the Korean giant is taking its time to resolve the issue because it is unwilling to deal with its cost. The reason for this is that the design flaw not only affects the screen, but also renders the device’s internals unusable.
We’ve already seen this issue in the form of cracked screens, as well as in the case of the Xperia X, which could be easily damaged by a mere drop. However, Xperia X is the only model to suffer from the problem because Sony knows that the other ones will still hold up as long as they’re used properly.

News:: Mobile networks need to be smarter to adapt to change
Mobile networks are being forced to innovate to keep up with the new network-centric world we live in. For instance, voice communication and social media sites are taking over, while broadband is not far behind.
So, how will the mobile industry adapt to this new landscape? It’s a question that continues to crop up all over the world and it’s something that affects the role of carriers as well as individual users.
This is where everything begins to get complicated. The reason for this is that we’re moving into a multi-dimensional landscape that’s constantly changing. What’s more, there are several different factors at play that make this seem like an impossible feat to accomplish.
Still, it’s imperative for networks to adapt if they want to remain relevant. The truth is that the mobile industry is now only as strong as its weakest link. By extension, it follows that networks need to work to improve its core services, while also working on its network and partnerships.
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1. ClickOff blocks popup windows like a giant flypaper.
2. ClickOff has the ability to hide windows that popup or interrupt the user.
3. ClickOff blocks popups from the window list and has an integrated tool to deal with various aspects of popups.
ClickOff Features:
1. Save your time.
2. Identify and block unwanted popups.
3. Block popups by application name.
4. Block popups by URL address.
5. Download and unblock unwanted popups.
6. Minimize or maximize windows by clicking on buttons.
7. Hide windows that popup or interrupt the user.
8. Block popups from the window list.
9. Control your popups by moving the mouse.
10. Control your popups by clicking on buttons.
11. Easily resize and hide popups.
12. An easy to use interface.
13. Easily hide popups while working.
14. Switch between internet and other windows.
15. Change order of tasks by one click.
16. Detailed instructions in the help file.
17. Free!

CDF – Eliminates CD discs, games, videos and audio, with a click of your mouse! CDF-Eliminator has been designed to be the ultimate solution for CD media. In its core is an advanced Virtual Drive program for reading data from the CD discs, allowing you to work with your collection of CDs without fear of damaging the data on them.

Please Note:
This is a freeware.
The program may not work properly or completely after uninstalling.
This is a demonstration of the software for research purposes only.
Lisnave’s demos are not intended for commercial purposes. If you like to use the software for commercial purposes,
please contact Lisnave.

IDT Cross-Platform Audio Decoder Pro is a cross-platform high quality software decoder for RIFF/WAV files. It is optimized for speed and decodes audio samples with high precision and audio quality. The program is designed for use with all personal computers and embedded systems (including laptops).

TinyCleaner is a simple and fast application designed to help you clean up files on your computer. It is designed to clean all sorts of files on the computer, including temporary files, cookies, traces, logs, recycle bin, among others. Its goal is to get the cleanest cleanest