Free performance evaluation software

AstroImageJ is an image processing and analysis application for astronomical images. It is open source (under GNU/GPL).


Multiple image processors
“Open Source” image processing application
FITS/LUT/RAW image exporting
Multi-threading processing
Batch processing
Application that runs on all major operating systems

The multi-threaded image processing application uses the open source Multithreaded Image Processing Toolkit (MIPT) to process images in parallel. A list of the features of the program is as follows:

1. Open Source: AstroImageJ is an open source software that is available to be used and distributed freely.

2. Free: AstroImageJ is free software.

3. Multi-threaded: The user has the ability to increase the speed of the application using multiple threads.

4. Application that runs on all major operating systems: AstroImageJ is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

5. Use plug-ins: The program is open source. This means that the program has plug-ins that are developed by other users or developers.

6. Plug-in development for the program: Plug-ins and programs that work with the software are available and updated regularly.

7. Quality test: The software undergoes a quality test to make sure that it is working as expected.

8. Documenting: Astropy and AstroImageJ have a documentation system to make sure that the developers have full control over the use of the software.

9. The program can work with a database: AstroImageJ is an open source software that can work with the MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases.

10. Application that work with remote sources: If the user wants to use the software, he has to make sure that he has the required connection to his source.

11. Available languages: The application can be used in different languages: English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

12. Installation: The installation process of the software is very easy. Users have to download the software and install it to the computer.

13. Support: The developers of the software are available for support.

14. Community: The developers of the software are available to answer questions.

AstroImageJ Installation

AstroImageJ Installation is very easy. The software is made with easy steps and the user does eea19f52d2

Advanced WordReplacer is a practical utility that enables you to search and replace words across multiple text documents at the same time. It supports the TXT, HTM, HTML, PHP, ASP and NFO file extensions, giving you the possibility to create associations for other formats too.
The tool comes in handy for seamlessly replacing misspelled words from multiple documents, sparing you the trouble of opening each file to look up and change the word.
Installation, requirements, and interface:
The setup operation is fast but you must download and install.NET Framework unless you already have it. When it comes to the interface, Advanced WordReplacer opts for a small window with a plain and simple structure.
Search and replace words in files and folders:
A new task can be started by importing a range of files or by indicating a folder to take into account all containing files for the search-and-replace operation. In the following step, all you have to do is specify the target word along with its replacement, and click a button to perform the job.
Edit the list of supported extensions:
Case sensitive mode can be enabled or disabled. Moreover, you can instruct the tool to back up the files before modifying them, in case you shall not be pleased with the results, edit the current list of files, as well as customize the list of extensions by removing formats and adding new ones.
Advanced WordReplacer Reviews:
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Advanced WordReplacer


Dec 19, 2017

The updates are flawless


By : Clemens, mich.

My best word-replacer. I can replace as many words in as many documents at the same time as I want. Sooner or later, you’ll find a word you can’t replace anymore. Then you simply have to download the update and you’re good to go again. The app also comes with a bunch of useful features, like the ability to install the extension for NFO files on Windows or Mac and the option to ‘Backup’ the files before making changes. I tried the app for years on Linux, but got used to this iOS word-replacer and can’t imagine life without it. Highly recommended!

Best Word Replacer Ever!


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