Innocent Venus

A proactive security solution that focuses on protecting email, servers as well as other collaboration projects your company is involved in. E-mails, especially sent from trusted contacts, can carry malware that tries to exploit your company’s systems and affect business operations.
This is why the tool scans for suspicious content in your network, such as email messages, file attachments, malicious software, and web sites. Once the infection is detected, the program will monitor your system for potential damage and stop the malicious activity in real time.

Our observations
We have performed a test scenario in order to test the potential of the tool.
In the test, we sent an email that had a malicious attachment (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_9_3) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/37.0.2062.120 Safari/537.36 [en] [Google Web Preview]) containing the virus Stuxnet.
The test failed, but the whole process took less than one minute. This is a tremendous speed boost compared to the standard antivirus solutions that usually have a response time of more than a minute and can take up to 15 minutes.


Responds to threats in real time with minimal impact on performance

Intercepts potentially harmful activities in real time and stops them before the affected systems are damaged.

No changes to the corporate network, and the security solution does not add to the storage costs or the overall performance of the system.

The quarantine management is a vital part of the business suite, as it allows you to release, reprocess, or delete emails and their attachments.

The program can be used by IT administrators to assist them with the spam control or security related tasks that are harder to accomplish manually.

By regularly scanning the traffic, it is possible to observe and analyze a company’s internal email traffic as well as any other collaboration projects, such as SharePoint, Windows servers, or Terminal.

The E-mail and Server Security review does not feature any complicated steps that require a large amount of technical expertise. The program is designed to allow users with no technical knowledge to check for potentially dangerous activities.

The solution was able to identify and stop the malicious activity, as the email was flagged as potentially dangerous.

If you are using email to exchange messages, or if you are working on a collaboration project, it is important to eea19f52d2

Visual Money Manager is a software developed to help investors who manage their financial investments.
The program includes three main components: Visual Money Manager, the Visual Money Manager Assistant and the Visual Money Manager MetaStock Plugin.
The main component, Visual Money Manager, allows users to create security lists or import existing files in several formats, such as CSV or MetaStock. In order to create a new entry, users need to enter information such as ‘Security Type’, ‘Size’, ‘Price Factor’, ‘Region’, ‘Interest’, ‘Frequency’ and others.
With Visual Money Manager, users can create portfolios for various international currencies, enabling them to manage and monitor all their investments from a single location. Similarly, investors can sort and add exchange rates, transactions, allocate assets and keep updated concerning all aspects of their financial operations using MetaStock or Yahoo Finance as information sources.
The Visual Money Manager Assistant allows users to quickly sell or buy limited transactions without interrupting their regular activities, as the utility is always at hand. This way, users can stay on top of their business and plan ahead for future strategies.
With the Visual Money Manager MetaStock Plugin, users can view various transaction graphs, marking sales and buys, enabling them to get a detailed account of each entry. This component is meant to help investors learn from their past mistakes and make better decisions with the information they now hold.
Visual Money Manager Features:
The following features are present in the Visual Money Manager application:
* Create, open and edit investment portfolios
* View portfolio statistics
* View portfolio history
* Generate a portfolio report
* Automatically generate charts
* Manage multiple currencies
* Manage multiple investments
* Manage multiple portfolios
* Assign a security to multiple portfolios
* Manage multiple investments
* Manage multiple portfolios
* Separate portfolio and security transactions
* Display important portfolio and security statistics
* Manage transactions and schedules
* Create schedule-based transactions
* Market orders
* Add and manage multiple security lists
* Review pending investments
* Record trades to securities lists
* Monitor portfolio performance
* Monitor investments
* Record trades to security lists
* View full security list history
* Display a list of latest purchases
* Detect portfolio changes
* Filter portfolio or security transactions
* Support continuous updating of portfolio and security data
* View security list statistics
* Set up multiple-security intervals
* Calculate ROI
* Set security limits
* Set daily price limits
* Set intraday