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Protect all your sensitive data.
Locks files and folders with ease.
The protection status can be determined by the color of the padlock icon.
Hide and unhide files and folders.
You don’t have to load an item to secure it.
Virtual disk upload and file disguise.
Backed up files upload to the cloud.
Additional features:
There is a free version for all that can be downloaded for a small period of time.

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You can also share your data with other people, however, a machine that’s shared with others might be a big threat for you. To protect files that are shared with others, you have to use tools that encrypt your data, and that’s why you should take a look at Gihosoft File Encryption.
Gihosoft File Encryption Review
Gihosoft File Encryption is an application that’s quite new in the Android market and is offered in a bundle of an anti-virus, a file locker, and a virtual disk uploader. Let’s see if this suite is worth the price.
Interface and layout
Gihosoft File Encryption’s interface is fairly straightforward and simple. For its part, the layout is very clean and user-friendly. If you want to put your attention on the app’s protection operations, you can just do so by checking the boxes displayed below the padlock icon. If you want to protect only a specific folder, just select it.
Besides the box selection, you can check and uncheck the padlock icon. If it’s closed, it means that your folder or file is secured and hidden, so no one can access it, even though it’s visible.
If you want to open an item that’s been locked, you can do it by clicking the padlock. The icon opens up to show you the security status of the file or folder, and this is where you’ll be able to change the status. If the padlock is orange and open, the file is secured and accessible, whereas, when the padlock is green and closed, it means that your file or folder is hidden.
If you want to check the details of a file or folder, you just click on it. As soon as you do, you’ll be able to see all eea19f52d2


Just click your mouse anywhere on the screen and the application will display the color and the color code. It’s extremely easy to use and supports alpha too.

•Play the sound to show the color•Auto zoom•Sound can be recorded•The frequency is from 100Hz – 1KHz•When changing the color, you can change the line of the sound easily•In addition, the color and the line can be changed freely, any combination, even more combination•On the screen, the color and the code can be displayed as the window with the automatic zoom

•The position of the mouse is set to the “best” position with the color•The mouse can be moved to the bottom of the screen without stopping•The color is changed continuously while moving the mouse•The ColorPicker of the background image can be set

•The size of the icons is adjustable•The color, the color code and the frequency are recorded in the clipboard•Auto zoom

The application is made of 4 different devices, which can be installed on different combinations in order to meet the needs of users.

ColorPicker for Pocket PC includes several features such as:

•Trace the mouse position to any color code, any color•ColorPicker can be opened from the taskbar

•You can add a color to the list and the color of the mouse can be used

•ColorPicker has the feature “auto-zoom”

•When you press the button, the main screen of the application is automatically moved to the top of the screen and you can easily see the colors on the screen

•After selecting a color, you can change the line of sound easily and change the color of the line freely

•Sound can be played only when you click the button

•After changing the color and the sound, you can have the ability to move to any place of the screen

•ColorPicker is entirely configurable, the configuration file can be saved in the clipboard or in a file

•The user can record the sound and the color to see when playing it again.

Additional Features:

•The application is portable and can be used on different Windows versions

•The application can also be used on Windows 2000

•The application can be used on the Mac OS and even iPhone

•The application supports the Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1

•The application can be