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What’s New in Version 1.1.2:

App State Snapper
– Now when you move your mouse to the left corner of the statusbar,
you will see Onyxpad in use, and you can snap to the window size. It’s a
really nice feature to see the app in use while it’s running in the
background, and you can easily save the size to your DPI configuration.

The app is signed and does not prompt for any permissions

The size of the file-upload dialog to use has changed to 150Kb (down from 1Mb)

Camera has been re-scaled to be smaller and easier to use. Now when you open a picture, it will look at the screen resolution and make it smaller to fit. So the smaller a picture is, the smaller the thumbnail will be.

The chat features now works again

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Onyxpad Screenshot:

Onyxpad Version History:



Add functionality to the “Pop Out” window for viewing and saving images.



Fixed two bugs that were introduced in 2.2.3 that prevented certain file types from being opened.



Bug fixes.



What’s New in Version 2.2.2:

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Camera now accepts images from files directly from the file system. Also supports JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs. This is great if you want to send images through email or through SMS messages.

You can now use any built-in file browser on the system.

The Onyxpad “Pop Out” window now displays the file size in bytes. You can also see the file type using a custom icon as well. This might come in handy for those times when you need to open a file and you’re not sure what type of file it is.

You can now right click on a file in the “Pop Out” window and select