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LanFlow is an application designed to visually simulate any network connection. It’s great for people who are looking to understand the layout of a certain network, having in plain sight an actual map of the connection.
It’s also great for creating an easier way of explaining this layout to others. Not only that, but it makes visualizing internet connections a breeze, while helping individuals understand faster the general layout of a network system.
Various elements to play around with
The first thing you’ll notice when launching the app is the fact that aesthetically speaking, it seems a tad old. Regardless, navigating its menus and options is quite simple, each being labeled intuitively. In terms of visually recreating network connections, the user has all sorts of construction elements.
Starting with the basic PC or laptop, continuing with general wireless scrappinfreestyle appliances, servers, hubs, routers, and ending with firewalls, this app has all needed elements for recreating an accurate rendition of one’s network. It also includes various dotted lines, each symbolizing a specific type of connection.
Customizing your created connection
If you thought this was all the app has to offer, think again. Once your basic layout has been created, you can continue by grouping, labeling, editing, and updating what has already been created. The program manages all connections automatically, meaning you won’t have to bother with keeping things in their original position.
Once a connection has been established, the app will keep it that way for your convenience. Adding labels is the best feature of all because it allows one to further explain the importance of a certain component or its general role.
LanFlow is a great way to map out a network for whatever purpose you might find this action fit. It manages to give users a great way of visualizing something that can’t really be put together to actually see. It can give perspective or further explanations, depending exclusively on what the user requires.
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Create your own personal and sexy wallpaper
Three wallpaper change modes available
Stunning result with 3 wallpapers changing per second
Active Desktop Wallpaper now has a new, better and simpler interface

Digital Photo Scrapbook for Windows Vista/Windows XP, Windows 2000/NT 5.0

Vista Scrapbook is the Windows Vista/XP version of the Windows Photo Gallery and shows thumbnails and details about all photos on the computer. You can use Vista Scrapbook to create a photo album, change the look of thumbnails and also add and delete thumbnails, views, and comments.

A soft and sexy wallpaper slideshow program for Windows Vista/XP

Easy to use and very simple to use, is a very nice program that can show many different images in different sizes and colors, and when it is run it will cycle through them in a beautiful slideshow mode! The program is very simple to use:

Slim Windows XP Live Wallpaper

Slim Windows XP Live Wallpaper is designed to fit with your Windows XP Live wallpaper collection. You can choose from a multitude of different look, color and effect combinations, which can be customised by editing an XML file.

WindowsXP Wallpaper Studio

WindowsXP Wallpaper Studio is a program that can create and modify any of the existing wallpapers on your computer. It comes with a nice graphical interface, and has an impressive set of features. The program will create a new wallpaper for you, or modify an existing one. You can change the size and color of the image, its transparency, and even its location on the desktop. You can even make a vertical or horizontal slide show with it, with the ability to specify the number of images in each slide.Q:

What is the maximum number of concurrent requests to a WCF Service?

What is the maximum number of concurrent requests to a WCF Service?


The answer depends on the configuration of your service.
You can use binding with maxReceivedMessageSize. This means that each service operation can receive up to that amount of data (up to 4 GB on 64-bit machines).
If you need to handle more data than that, you need to use binding with maxBufferSize instead of the maxReceivedMessageSize, and you may need to implement custom message handler.
Then if your server machine has enough resources to handle the maximum number of concurrent requests, you may want to read the maxBufferSize