Fuji HSV3 Hyper Utility

This handy application is designed to perform various calculations and measures. In addition, it allows you to convert various units such as temperature, voltage and acceleration.
Qonverter is a program with a simple and intuitive interface that can be used by anyone without any previous knowledge of the operating system.
Qonverter does not require installing, it does not modify Windows registry entries and does not create additional files or folders. You can just launch it and start using it.
This useful tool allows you to easily switch between standard calculator functions, a unit converter and a currency converter by accessing the View menu.
Simple calculator with conversion support
You can apply basic functions from various mathematics branches (algebra, trigonometry and logarithms) and design your own equations using the integrated editor.
Qonverter features a unit conversion tool that supports numerous measurement units and categories. You can browse a comprehensive list that includes acceleration, area, digital information, torque and velocity, choose your desired units and easily convert them.
In addition, this handy application provides you with a currency converter that is kept up-to-date by using European Central Bank definitions. Although the aforementioned tool supports a wide variety of currencies, unfortunately you cannot define custom values or create new entries.
Handy variable editor
Qonverter packs a useful variable, constant and function editor that allows you to modify existing records or create new ones, according to your needs. You can view items in a detailed list that displays details such as name, value, type and a brief description. Content can also be filtered by several criteria.
In conclusion, if you need a basic calculator tool that encompasses unit and currency conversion functions as well, Qonverter can prove to be a reliable asset.

…a special set of Excel features that are critical to understanding your data. You can use the Analysis Functions in Excel to perform a number of statistical tests to assess the validity of your data.
Analysis Functions in Excel are usually used to detect patterns and trends in your data, to distinguish outliers from the central portion of the data, to verify normality of your data, and to make inferences about the data.

…is a piece of software that adds new functions to Windows. It is included with all versions of Windows starting with Windows 2000.
It has become standard on Windows operating systems and most applications designed for Windows are designed to run with at least one version of it installed.
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Portable WiFi Hotspot Scanner Description:

Portable WiFi Hotspot Scanner is a lightweight application whose main purpose is to help you identify the Wireless Internet connections in your proximity, allowing you to determine which is the best alternative in case you want to browse the web.
Portability advantages
Subsequent to the download process, you can just decompress the archive and run the executable, as the program does not need to be installed on your system in order to function properly.
As a result, you have the possibility of storing it on a USB stick or other such removable media drives, carrying it on you anywhere you go and running it on any computer you are working, without having to wait around for it to finish its installation.
Simply run and scan your surroundings for available Wireless connections
Portable WiFi Hotspot Scanner features quite a simple and intuitive usage, so regardless of your level of prior experience, you will not face too many difficulties in working with, since its only requirement is the existence of a Wireless network adapter.
After launching it, you can just press on the ‘Start Wi-Fi Scan’ button and the utility will list the discovered hotspots in just moments, simultaneously obtaining a series of information concerning the ‘Signal’ strength, ‘Security/Auth Type’, ‘SSID’, ‘Channel’, ‘MAC Address’, ‘Physical Type’ and a timestamp for when it was ‘Last Detected’.
Portable WiFi Hotspot Scanner also provides you with an export function, which enables you to save all the data collected about the wireless networks to HTML, CSV, TXT or XML files, letting you store them on your PC, should you need them later on.
Detect Wireless web connections on the go
All in all, Portable WiFi Hotspot Scanner is an effective, albeit fairly basic tool created to assist you in detecting the web connection options in your vicinity, requiring a simple button press to retrieve the information.

EVERYTIME i have a problem, a program doenst work, a program doenst work, a program doenst work. I really dont know how to handle this. I just have to wait for it to happen again and install it all over again. Why is this happening and how can i fix it???



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