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How do I prove that I can force an angle a of a triangle to be at most pi/4?

Is there an easy proof that I can force the angle $\theta$ in a triangle with side lengths $a$, $b$, and $c$ to be at most $\pi/4$?


Consider a triangle $\triangle ABC$. If $\triangle ABC$ is right, $|BC|=c$. Also, $|B\, C|=c\sin\theta$. Therefore,
Note that $0 0$ satisfy $2 \alpha + 2 \beta + 2 \gamma = 2 \pi$, then there exists $\theta \in (0, \pi/4)$ such that $\alpha = \gamma \cos^2\theta + \beta \sin^2\theta$
Clearly, if $\theta = \pi/4$ then $\alpha = \gamma$ and $\beta = \alpha$. So we eea19f52d2

NanoPing is a popular alternative to the default ping command utility. This great app comes with a simple-to-grasp graphical user interface, making it easy for users to view and save ping log files, as well as change different settings.
You can install it on all Windows versions. Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 is needed in order to run the application without having to experience bugs and errors.
Simple GUI
Default Windows ping commands are resumed to a command-prompt mode that gives users the actual ping when connected to a certain server.
With Nano Ping, however, users have a more approachable layout of options where they can see detailed information rather than just basic ping options. They can check out the server ping interval in real time, buffer size, and on request even the timestamps between intervals.
Minimal features
There’s hardly any other feature that you’d require from a program that gives you the ping interval in real-time, and NanoPing offers users some little extra data about their connection.
Besides the server and website target, users can manually change the buffer size from 32 bytes to whatever bandwidth number they want to introduce, alter the ping time interval, and they can even set the app to alert users either on connection success or failure.
Logs can be saved as well when users plan to monitor a certain server during high traffic periods, and sent to parties interested in TXT format. Timestamps can also be introduced so users can have an accurate log when ping connection might have dropped.
When it comes to configuration settings, things are also extremely limited. Users can set up audio notifications and run the tool in the system tray.
Overall, NanoPing is an excellent ping program that offers a minimum amount of data within an approachable interface, providing a limited set of options.
What I Like:
Charming user interface and informative information at every step of the way.
Ease of use.
Not easy to configure.
No applications menu.
No application tray icon.
There is no standard definition of ping packets (ICMP, TCP/UDP).
What I Dislike:

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Zimimonator Free Edition is an easy-to-use Word, Excel and PowerPoint add-in for Windows. It enables users to perform data manipulation in word processing software, spreadsheet and presentations.
With the help of this tool, users can create and modify files, tables andвђ-compagnia-b/