Karin Trentephol L Immoralita 1978 .avi

Source code:
DGAVCIndexNV is released under the MIT license.
Use of DGAVCIndexNV in a commercial product should not be considered commercial-use-restricted, as DGAVCIndexNV is still not well tested and might not work on certain graphics hardware.
1. A DGAVCIndexNV project file (AviSynth Script, AviSynth project file, Avisynth project file, or project file generated by the avconv tool)
2. The companion DGAVCDecodeNV filter (DGAVCDecodeNV or DGAVCDecodeNV)
Running DGAVCIndexNV:
To use DGAVCIndexNV with the Avisynth filter DGAVCDecodeNV, add the DGAVCDecodeNV filter to the Avisynth project file, or create a new Avisynth project file from scratch, and compile the project with the DGAVCDecodeNV filter.
Alternatively, you can use a precompiled DGAVCDecodeNV filter from the source package.
Note that on some systems, the output from avconv will be the frame index of the input file, and not the frame index of the Avisynth project file. The frame index in the output files is the same as the Avisynth project file’s frame index. The output will be in the same format as the input.
If you are running DGAVCIndexNV for the first time, you will be asked to set the “Project Index” to the frame index of the input project file.
The input project file is usually a DGAVCIndexNV project file, but it could be any other project file that contains an AVC stream, as long as the source project is compiled and linked with the DGAVCDecodeNV filter, and is opened with the DGAVCIndexNV program.
Video decoders for NVidia cards are also supported:
The NVidia Video Decoder can be found here:
(requires nvidia-settings) eea19f52d2


Mwisoft Image Resizer is a reliable program, designed to resize a large batch of images that you can select from various folders. The software supports importing images by drag and drop or by pasting them from clipboard, regardless if you add single/multiple pictures at once.

Select a multitude of images
Mwisoft Image Resizer allows you to add several picture files to the work space, using one of the supported methods: just drag and drop, paste from clipboard or select the source folder. The source path can be indicated in the dedicated space. This way, the software can filter its contents and analyze subfolders.
If you select a picture folder, the software can automatically scan any subdirectories contained within, then add all the detected images. All the input files are displayed in the work space as a list and can be previewed before processing in the dedicated area, by selecting individual images.
Resizing options
Mwisoft Image Resizer allows you to modify the size of images, based on the number of pixels on the sides: width and height. Alternatively, you can apply the quick resizing method: reducing or increasing the image canvas by percentages. You may opt to maintain the aspect ratio or not, when resizing by pixels.
Mwisoft Image Resizer allows you to select the type of file processing: single picture or multiple photos at once. In each case, you also can opt to overwrite the input, respectively to process subfolders, if you should choose. In case you do not wish to overwrite images or if you process a batch, you need to select the output path.
Progress indicator
Mwisoft Image Resizer features a progress bar which fills in as the files are being processed by the software. Its purpose is to notify you of the estimated time remaining. You can stop the process at any time you wish, even after the program has started resizing the pictures. You cannot resume, only start a new process.

If your are looking for a reliable & inexpensive image tool, try the free and powerful Imgview image viewer!
Imgview comes with a free and powerful image viewer with a number of handy features like a preview pane with embedded zooming, a free-to-use jpeg file viewer, image handling tools like image cropping, resize, rotate, burn, flipping, and more. Other nice features include automated actions like image deleting, folder automatic creating, file compression, file renaming, and more.
You can either choose