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Creating engaging newsletters with your curated content is really easy.”use strict”;

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export const getType = function getType(id) {
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export const getInitialType = function getInitialType() {
return graph.root.types[0];

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return graph.root.types[type].contains[id];

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Codewheel Generator is a fun tool to create your own wheel. Select a wheel type, customize the values, create a wheel picture, save the image, and it’s as simple as that. No need to install or unpack this software, and it works on a wide range of PCs. There’s a help manual and a neat preview feature to generate an image of the wheel.

Routers are used in many areas, including telecommunication, transportation, and automation. All these requirements lead to the evolution of router manufacturers that supply the routers with special features and an advanced performance. A couple of the most popular router models are the cisco router and the brocade netIron router.
A router allows a computer connected to its network to access the Internet or any other network. The router connects multiple PCs or servers to other networks through their IP addresses. You can purchase a router separately or get it as part of a networking kit, depending on what you need it for.
A router is typically in charge of routing any data that comes in and out of the network, allowing various networks to coexist in a single network infrastructure. Routers have the ability to manage multiple networks and route data packets to their final destination on the network. Routers are connected to different networks with fixed IP addresses that allow computers on each network to have a dedicated Internet access. Routers connect the internal networks and internetwork in a peer-to-peer manner.
A router can be used to configure your PC, server, mobile phone or other device to share its Internet connection. You need a router to share your Internet connection with your PC, laptop or smart phone. When using a router, a computer can connect to the internet through a network attached to the router.
Vendors of routers:
There are many vendors of networking equipment including Juniper, Brocade, Netgear and others. Each offers its own model of router. You can get a router from any of these companies. You can also get a router from other companies. A search engine can give you more information about the router model you want to purchase.
Why routers are important?
Routers provide flexibility in networking by connecting multiple network devices like server, PC and mobile phone on a single network. The flexibility of routing allows you to connect multiple PCs in a LAN. The router’s ability to connect multiple network devices can be used to create a LAN at the home or office.
The most important features of a router are